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Twists in the Tale

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

....a switch who enjoyed elaborate roleplays with plot twists and turns.

The lengths to my clients’ collective imagination has no bounds it seems! Just when one might think that all the possibilities for different roleplay scenarios have been exhausted, another nugget rolls in.

Yesterday’s was a proposal from a new client, Peter, a switch who enjoyed elaborate roleplays with plot twists and turns. This one was to be conducted over one session. He played the headmaster of a sixth form college known for its orthodox approach to discipline. I played a new teacher who had had the week from hell with her students in her first week at the college. I went to see the headmaster in his office to seek advice in controlling my unruly class, in the full knowledge that I would be exposed to some rather traditional disciplinary methods.

“We understand that you’ve been struggling with the discipline of your class Miss Phoenix,” said the headmaster.

“I have to admit that I am finding them a challenge. I was hoping that you could offer me an insight into your own methods as I’ve heard they’re extremely effective.”

“Well, Miss Phoenix, in order to understand these punishments, you’ll have to experience it yourself.”

“Yes, I’m sure that must be the best way of learning this,” I conceded.

The headmaster signalled that he wanted me over his knee. Bewildered by this, I obediently lay across his lap. He pulled my pencil skirt up and stroked my bottom, still with knickers on. He then administered a good, thorough hand spanking to make my bum sore. With the panties down, I had an extra ten smacks or so to each buttock, which I enjoyed looking at in the mirrored wardrobes behind us. A paddling was given just to finish off the job and make sure my bum was nice and pink.

“There you go, you won’t have your class running riot after the ring-leaders are on the receiving end of that. Miss Phoenix, you are going to excel as a teacher if you take these corporal punishments on board.”

But OH....did I have a surprise for the Headmaster!

“Sir, I have news for you. I’m not actually a newly-qualified teacher. I’m really a reporter for the Daily Ken, and I’ve been recording every word of our conversation. Every slap has been recorded! Your ‘idiosyncratic’ ways of punishing your students will be exposed in tomorrow’s edition and you will lose your job and be disgraced!”

“How dare you dupe me! I can’t believe you work for that rag!” exclaimed the Headmaster.

“Don’t talk to me like that! I have the evidence in my hands to name and shame you as a pervert!”

“You can’t do this to me! What can I do to reverse this situation?!”

“Well, you can start by dropping your pants so that I can treat you the same way I treated you!”

“No, please don’t do this. This is so humiliating!”

“Not as humiliating as being exposed in the press though!!”

And with that, the Headmaster’s pants were around his ankles, a sound spanking and paddling given to take his bottom beyond pink. Seeing him flinch at the strokes of my paddle had turned me on somewhat. I ordered him to lay down while I straddled his face. He licked me until I came to a shuddering orgasm...but there was one last twist in the tale!

The Headmaster got up and grabbed my phone.

“It’s still recording!! So I’ve got evidence of you blackmailing me into sexual favours.”

“So we’re both perverts then...okay, okay...”

And with that we consummated our realisation of our mutual perversions with a fabulous fuck for a finale.


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