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Locktober Special

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Their keys sit on a chain around my neck and nestle in my ample cleavage. They jingle as I tug on them provocatively with my long red nails. Their presence is a constant reminder to my slave that I own their cocks, their balls, their erections, their orgasms and their cum…and during the month of October they will be in full chastity, caged and locked away for their Mistress.

With 1st October rapidly approaching, I now have four chastity slaves whom I will be holding keys for throughout the entire month, two in the UK, one in Europe and one in the US. Their keys lie on a chain around my neck, although these are backed up by emergency keys in hard-to-get-to places, such as in one case at the bottom of a large container of ice in one case (the idea is that by the time the ice melts, they will have reconsidered rashly opting out of chastity!). Each slave has carefully selected a chastity device which fits them well and suits their needs, under my careful supervision. As my slaves and I began discussing chastity and Locktober over a month ago, there has been time to choose the right one. Now they are all equipped with a device they can wear to the gym, for swimming, for sleeping, and basically any activity they want to do with the obvious exception of masturbating! One exception that they are allowed out of their cage for is for hygiene reasons, and make sure their cock and balls gets a good regular cleaning. Then it’s back under lock and key again!

All four of my Locktober slaves are fairly new to chastity, and this will be the longest continuous period of abstinence that any of them will have completed. They will be updating me daily on OnlyFans about their experiences, but I will also be delivering weekly teases to make them leak through their cages and bulge through their bars, as well as random spot-checks, which could happen at any time. If they are found to be having a weak moment, Locktober will be over for them in a flash, and Mistress will not be impressed…

So what are my slaves’ thoughts on Locktober? Slave c is having his first ever time in chastity with me, and has had a trial run beforehand:

“After some research I found a chastity cage that suited me and put it on for the first time. For some reason I loved the feeling, the feeling of the cage on me and the feeling that my cock is locked away. My Locktober journey is about to start and it this point I don’t know exactly what to expect. Maybe total frustration, or maybe satisfaction because I’m pleasing Lady Phoenix?

To me, wearing a cage is a sign of total devotion, handing control over and obeying Lady Phoenix’s every command. I feel I am owned, and my mind and body are no longer mine.”

Slave m is not such a newbie, as he has spent a considerable amount of time in mental chastity for me this year, although one month will be the longest period of time in chastity AND wearing a device:

“I began my chastity journey with Mistress soon after I first met her. I found that it was a huge turn-on for me to cede this personal control to Mistress, but most importantly, it provided her with the power and associated pleasure that she wanted.

When I received a message from Mistress saying ‘Have you heard of Locktober, slave?’, this somewhat dreaded message was not a great surprise, but now I am committed to this daunting prospect."

I do know that Mistress enjoys having such power and control over me, and doubtless she will at times with to heighten both her pleasure and my frustration through merciless teasing. However, my feelings of hopelessness and frustration are very much worth the pride that I feel by being able to contribute to the pleasure and happiness Lady Phoenix so much deserves.”

Equipped with this kind of mindset, I’m hopeful that my chastity slaves will complete the full 31 days locked up and that they’ll embrace the challenges along the way. “Embrace”, as “rise to the challenge” wouldn’t quite be the right expression.


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