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Tickle Roulette

On one of my tours recently, I met with a handsome, young submissive man who was partial to some tickle (without the slap) and also liked to play games. For someone who carries dice and a pack of cards in her bag, this was a creative challenge I was very pleased to take on. 

When James arrived, he chose not to disclose his ticklish bits to me, rather I would find out through a process of trial and error. All the more fun for me! After showering, James stayed naked, and I tied him to the bed using my under-mattress restraints. His wrists and ankles were fastened securely so there would be no wriggling. 

I decided that the die would decide on James’s fate, and also guide me into finding which parts of his were the most ticklish. In order to do this, the numbers on the die had to correspond to parts of James’s body. So I chose armpits, ribs, neck, feet, inner thighs and genitals, and numbered these parts respectively from one to six. James gulped as I announced this, and I immediately knew that I had struck gold with my body-part choices. This made me smile one of my best evil smiles.

I strutted around the hotel room so that James could see my tall, high-heeled figure and admire it from afar. I took the die and rolled it for the first time. 


I then found out how ticklish James’s armpits were. Unfortunately not much, despite a thorough attending to for a good minute or so. A little squirm from James but that was it.

“I do hope you have more ticklish areas,” I said, very disappointedly. 

I rolled the dice again. Four. Four was for feet! James had very nice feet, and I launched into a serious bout of tickling that lasted at least a minute. I was not disappointed this time! James was almost hysterical, and wriggled around vigorously, but I did not relent! The tickling went on until he begged me to stop.

It landed on six. Genitals! Would this area be vulnerable? 

James was a little less hysterical this time in fact as I gave a feather-light touch to his cock and balls, though his posture was very rigid and he appeared to be practising some kind of Zen-like breathing (which I don’t think was working). His cock was very erect, so I focussed on his balls and perineum. No letting up. Just non-stop tickling for two minutes. I caught the giggles from James at this stage, though mine were of much more of a sadistic nature.

What number would the dice show next?


Time to find out just how sensitive James’s inner thighs were. Wow! Within seconds it became apparent that this was his most ticklish area of all! He was almost begging me for mercy pretty quickly, but I teasingly encouraged him to at least last the minute. How gently touching those soft parts of the inner thigh made James shudder and shake!

What neither of us realised was that the die would land on five twice more in a row! By this time poor James was a gibbering wreck. He had earned a well-deserved blow-job for his tenacity and resilience, and I delivered one with the gusto it warranted...but only if he was still tightly tied and I could gently and teasingly edge him to an almighty climax


The power of the humble tickle should not be under-estimated. Its potential force is extreme and orgasmic!


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