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The Boss Calls the Shots

I summoned him to my office at five o’clock, knowing fully well that his cocky demeanour would soon be crushed. Chris had been at the company too long not to know that his Boss ran the show differently from most employers. Perhaps it’s because I am a female boss in a man’s world and have had to strive harder and more aggressively to get where I am. But what I do know is that my methods of managing the company are extremely effective, especially my system of rewards and punishment. Some would think of them as being unorthodox at best and unethical at worst. But I do know that they get results. So when Cocky Chris knocked on my door a little more loudly than necessarily, I knew it was time to show him that the Boss calls the shots and that he should know his lowly place at the company.

“Sit down,” I commanded icily. Chris cheerily sat down, legs spread wide in a sad attempt at an Alpha male posture. “How do you think your performance has been over the past year?”

He cleared his throat. “My performance at this company has been impeccable since I joined in 2022. I consistently hit targets, lead my team magnificently and always go the extra mile to please my Boss.” How he managed to sound both arrogant and sycophantic at the same time was quite an achievement. “I’m looking forward to new challenges and opportunities over the next 12 months, and am aiming for promotion.”

His over-rehearsed but mediocre offering to the appraisal annoyed me. But if I could bring Cocky Chris down a peg or two, it would be worth my time. Who knows? He might even come in useful.

“Do you think you could describe yourself as ‘delusional’ Chris? The hero you’re describing here doesn’t even come close to the incompetent idiot who can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, let alone manage a team. Nothing you ever submit to me is ever on time, your team is the shambles, and the reason why you’ve hit your targets is due to the one decent member of your team, Freddie, who I’m eyeing up for the forthcoming promotion. Not you Chris!”

“Hang on a moment, what about all the extra hours I’ve put in at the office in the evenings and weekends! Don’t they count for anything?!” Chris started to turn defensive, borderline hostile, and I really didn’t appreciate it! He was about to get the dressing-down he deserved.

“All you did in those extra hours was watch porn on the company internet, and I know because I’ve seen your browsing history. You appear to have a particular penchant for dominant blonde women in satin blouses, leather skirts, nylon stockings and heels, in fact not too dissimilar to what I wear to the office.” Chris’s face burned with embarrassment. “Could it be that you have a crush on your Boss, and that this is distracting you from doing your job?”

“Boss. I just can’t stop thinking about you when you strut across the office floor, clacking in those heels, giving orders and looking so elegant and authoritative in your outfit,” Chris blurted out.

“What, so you’re blaming me for distracting you? Absolutely ludicrous Chris. If you can’t focus on your work then it’s just not good enough and I’m going to have to let you go.”

Chris looked panicked. “Oh Boss, please no! I’d do absolutely anything to stay at the Phoenix Firm! I realise I’ve been cocky, disorganised and distracted, but I will do my best to please you going forward.” This clearly hadn’t worked out the way Chris had envisioned it.

“Too little, too late Chris. I’m giving you three months’ notice.” Chris was speechless and crestfallen. “There is, however, one way in which we could rectify the situation…and you did say you’d do anything to keep your job…” He perked up and nodded furiously. Without a moment of delay I clicked my fingers and said, “Take your clothes off Chris.”

I had expected there to be at least a modicum of resistance at this stage, but Chris showed his true submissive nature by instantly shedding his tie, shirt, shoes and trousers. “The underpants and socks also need to come off Chris.” He sheepishly peeled the socks off, then very awkwardly stepped out of the underpants, to reveal a very hard cock, which he woefully tried to hide with his hands. “Stand tall and put your hands behind your back Chris.” He obeyed immediately.

I opened a drawer in my desk and pulled out something that I knew would complete Chris’s submission to me. I did my legendary strut around the desk, which made him even hornier, and stood behind him as I secured a collar around his neck with a lead attached to it. I whispered into his ear, “You’re my toy now”. I perched on the end of my desk with the lead pulled tight. “Kneel,” I ordered. Down on the floor in front of me, Chris had found his new position as “The Boss’s Toy”.

“You are about to be inducted in your new role as my personal toy. This means you will be giving me as many orgasms as I demand, taking as many punishments as I see fit, and being subject to my whims and desires. You may have guessed that I’m an insatiable woman, and I need at least eight orgasms a day. You will provide these with your tongue and your cock. Your sexual desires are secondary to my needs, so you should refrain from wanking away from the office. To ensure this, you will be placed in a chastity device at the end of the working day, for which I will hold the key. It will be unlocked once you arrive in the office the following day when I will be ready for you to give me my first orgasm of the day.

“Since you’re on your knees in front of me right now, I think it’s time you got that tongue out and you gave me my last orgasm of the day. Possibly the last anyway…” I unfastened a few buttons of my silver satin blouse and hitched up my leather skirt so that the tops of my fully fashioned stockings and suspender straps were visible to Chris. He started to ooze precum onto the office floor. “You’ll be cleaning that up with your tongue later! But for now, I want you to concentrate on THIS with your tongue. I reached down to pull my black satin panties to the side so that my perfect pink pussy was inches from Chris’s face. “I will teach you to worship this pussy to perfection!”

I directed his face to my thighs, and demanded he slowly kiss the tops of my nylon stockings. His lips felt eager and tender right there on the gateway to my pussy, but I wanted more! My horniness levels were peaking after crushing Chris’s cocky confidence and I needed his tongue right there to give me the pussy worship that would save him from unemployment. Fortunately for Chris, he seemed very adept in his new role, and as soon as his tongue hit my clit, I felt my pleasure levels rising. “Flick your tongue up and down on that clit and give it some long licks”. I shuddered, feeling that warm wet tongue gliding smoothly over a clit that was positively throbbing by now. I threw my head back and began to play with my nipples while Chris continued to worship me in exactly the way I wanted. He worked that tongue around in a way that was making me tremble.

My pussy was soaking wet. My nipples were hard. I was enthralled in all the sensuous oral pleasures I was receiving. But I didn’t want to cum like this just yet. The Boss’s toy needed to learn when and how I liked to cum. He was feasting on my pussy and devouring my juices like a hungry animal, but he needed to learn to control himself. “Stop!” I commanded. “Now fuck me.” My toy got up as I sheathed his throbbing erection and bent over my desk, ass up, so he could enter my temple from behind. “Hurry up and get inside me now!” I felt my toy’s pleasingly large cock slide inside me as I told him to fuck me slowly at first, then build up and up while I rubbed my clit at the same time. I loved the way he was fucking me, purely the way I wanted it, and he was just there to provide the cock for me to use to make myself cum…and I did…hard and loudly! If the office staff could hear me, it was nothing new and I certainly wasn’t holding back. “Don’t you dare cum!” I commanded my toy. There was no chance for him to cum anymore without my permission.

So what use was my toy’s cock now I’d had my end-of-day orgasm? It wasn’t of use. But his butt certainly was. And even though I’d just cum, I was still in the mood to play with my toy, especially as he’d proved himself in his new role! “I want you to bend over that desk, just like I was a moment ago and prepare for punishment.” Why my toy needed to be punished was not clear, but he would find out that rewards and punishments were meted out on a whim in my office. I produced a leather flogger and whacked him until his cheeks were pleasingly pink.

“Now spread your cheeks wide.” He obliged so quickly that I thought I must’ve uncovered a secret kink for Chris. This hadn’t been in the browser history! He knew what was coming. I emerged from behind my desk with a strap-on harnessed to me that was a good size for a novice but would also certainly stretch him. With a hefty dose of lube and spit on it and after testing his butthole with my latex glove-clad fingers, I began to slide my strap-on dick into his tight hole and begin to fuck him. Slow and deep strokes first then vigorous thrusts to see what he was made of. He moaned a little as I pushed my phallus in then drew it out again repeatedly. “Don’t you dare touch your cock,” I instructed. He was not only fully accepting of my cock inside his ass, but he had revealed himself as a true butt slut. He was certainly going to be stretched and trained for future office pegging sessions.

There was only one thing left to do before my toy left the office. He needed his balls to be drained in order to put the chastity cage on. Right now his cock was engorged, throbbing and twitching, while his balls were bulging with cum. No way would the device go on like this. I took his cock in my hand and began to wank it. A thorough milking would ensure that his cock and balls would shrink back to size. He knew that the objective of the milking was purely to get the device on his cock rather than his reward, but I could see the delight in his eyes as he approached orgasm after so long being my toy. He gave out a huge moan and a stream of cum spurted out.

“Chastity time!” I announced. Back in my previous satin and leather outfit, my toy was almost growing hard already, but my quick hands placed it in his deflated cock and balls, locked it, and put the key in a safe place somewhere in a desk drawer. “Off you go now toy. You have served your purpose today, but I need you back here in my office at 7:30am tomorrow. Be there!”

My toy scuttled off after I unfastened the lead (but crucially, not the collar) and I felt thoroughly satisfied having inducted him in a role he was clearly more suited too…and also felt physically satisfied, with the promise of frequent sexual satisfaction to come on tap.

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