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The Diceman

A submissive chap, Simon, came to see me at my hotel last night with a request to dominate him, alternating between “reward” and “humiliation”. When he turned up at my door, however, I informed him that I would prefer to play in a more unpredictable manner. I shook my hand and produced a dice, telling him that an even number would be a reward and an odd number a humiliating punishment. Simon was game for putting himself in the hands of fate!

After he got showered, I sat him down on my bed. He had dressed again after his shower. I gave the dice to him to roll. 4. What better way to start the session than allowing him the nice task of caressing and rubbing his Mistress’s feet? He gave me a lovely foot massage to commence the session, and when I was satisfied with it, I commanded Simon to shake up the dice again.

This time it was 3. Oooo. Nasty. I ordered Simon onto the floor to grovel to me with the words “I am less than a slug, I am less than a maggot, I am even less than an amoeba, and I am not worthy of you Goddess.” And with that I proceeded to trample over this unworthy specimen, first with my bare feet then with my Louboutins, grinding the stiletto into strategic places.

When I was done with this activity and had satisfied my sadism, I gave Simon the dice once again. 2. I granted him a lovingly tender snog.

He threw a 6. I gave him a very sexy striptease culminating in me shaking my pert booty near his face down to my lingerie, suspenders and stockings. But on his next roll, he got a I instructed him to do the same to me! And so he stripped in a very seductive sexy (sissy!) way down to his naked body.

There then came a very unfortunate series of throws for Simon. Unbelievably he managed four odd numbers in a row! Great fun for me; bad luck for Simon. I had him being puppy-trained, begging and fetching for me around the room. Then he was the thirsty recipient of some champagne he’d brought along...via the receptacle of my mouth! Next he was on the receiving end of a flogging that made his bottom flare up with redness, before a final bit of CBT during which I slapped his cock hard.

But it was Simon’s turn for a little run of success next...first a 2...and I was feeling very horny at this point so got him to lie down while I straddled his fact and licked my sweet little pussy until I came, which didn’t take long! There was one more was a 6. I teasingly rubbed the tip of Simon’s cock with my vibrating wand. I could see he was going to come, so I naughtily added a forfeit. “Make sure you catch it in your mouth!”.

Simon didn’t manage to catch all of it, but much of the projectile torrent of cum did end up there. I was pretty pleased by Simon’s efforts and his levels of submissiveness.

And I’m looking forward to round two!


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