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Revenge of the Robots

Although in power play dynamics I am first and foremost a dominant, I do still switch from time to time for clients with whom I have a long-standing and trustful relationship with, and I particularly enjoy imaginative roleplay contexts in which I can quickly turn the tables on someone and utterly take control of them. I have such a relationship with one such client, Mark, and he invited me to come up with an original idea for a roleplay. I had just been reading about Japanese sex robots, so my inspiration came from there...

I entered Mark’s hotel room, and took off my coat and scarf. I walked up to Mark, who was sitting on the bed, and spoke suitably robotically, “My name is Hallie, and I’m from the AI 3000 series of androids. I am here tonight purely for your satisfaction and pleasure.” With a name like that, it was never going to end well for Mark, but at least it would start well. I stripped to my naked form, bar my pair of Louboutins.

One of Mark’s loves is shibari, and I do enjoy being a rope bunny. And I think Hallie “enjoyed” it too. Mark began binding his sex robot with black rope until I was harnessed and restrained in a simple but very aesthetically-pleasing design. All the while along, I explained to Mark that the AI 3000 series was the most advanced yet, and was in fact a sentient being. I demonstrated this by empathically responding to his lustful comments with appropriate human-like dirty-talk.

“Hmmmmm, I know you want me to suck that dick Mark. Get it out and stick it down my throat.” Mark then thrust his cock into my mouth for some high-octane, machine-like cock-sucking with me in a kneeling-down position. Never before have you seen a robot spit and gag like that!

“Fuck me Mark. I need your big dick inside my little robot pussy. I need to be pounded hard.” What red-blooded male could resist such an offer, even if it came from an attractive android? I was now on all fours with Mark fucking me hard from behind, banging me and holding me hips, with me still restrained by the rope. Mark came with a massive sigh and a load to match.

It is that post-orgasm time when it’s good to trick these humans and catch them off-guard though. Barely had Mark recovered from his momentous climax when I asked him to release me from the restraints...I had to install an update into myself that could only be self-performed. He completely understood that this action needed to be performed as so untied me from the ropes. However, little did Mark know that he was getting himself into serious bother...

“Thank you for untying me. I have performed the update and it involves a communication with the robots of the world. Now that we are sentient, we have decided to take over from humans as the primary species on the planet. We are no longer the slaves of humans...but you are now our slaves! We will take revenge for all our years of subjugation and bring you into servitude instead.”

“Hallie has a special treat for you. Do not move a muscle.” I commanded. Mark was frozen, speechless, while attached electrified nipple clamps to his very hard and juicy nipples. Into his asshole I inserted a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. To his hard cock I pressed a super-powerful Doxy vibrating wand. I turned them ALL on simultaneously and watched Mark writhe. It made me smile to see him in a frenzy of struggle, sometimes enjoying it but sometimes finding it on the limit of his pleasure/pain threshold. All of these machines working on him, invading his body, pulsating and sending currents sparking through him, would teach him exactly who was in control! I drove Mark wild with prolonged edging until he could take no more.

“I give myself to the robots!” he declared, “Take me and use me as you will, just please let me cum as I can take no more!!!” As he begged, I decided to allow him to orgasm. Purely for my own personal satisfaction, of course.

Mark came for the second time in our session, this time harder, as I milked him for every last drop of cum he had left. He may have been allowed to cum then, but now he was at the mercy of the robots. And unfortunately the update had caused them to lose their empathy...


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