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Massage and tantra fun

I value my time with my clients, and strive to bring as much connection as I can, even in my shorter meetings, so when Joe came to meet me in his lunch hour recently for some yoga, massage and tantra fun, I began our session in the most connection-forging way I could.

When I have a client who is interested in tantra, I like to start off with a short, intimate activity, which can be quite challenging for some. After they have showered, I take their hands in mine and we gaze into each other’s eyes. Well, it is said that they are the windows to one’s soul, and this certainly rings true here.

It can get a bit giggly at first until we settle and the strength of the gaze shines through and connection is made. The gaze is made longer than would be initially comfortable, I like to break through that social barrier and bring us both into a more empathic, grounded atmosphere. This does so much more than breaking the ice, more like melting it into a warm river!

Now we were much more comfortable in each other’s presence, we began the yoga teacher roleplay, in which I corrected Joe’s poses a little too intimately! Luckily Joe had brought his own kit along (I do like a man in leggings!), so I was able to see how he “reacted” to me sensual, nurturing touches on different parts of his body.

When I suggested that his groin needed attending to with an extra special massage, Joe was in no way complaining! We sat facing each other on the bed, like Shiva and Shakti, as the roleplay got all the more steamy. We continued with the eye-gazing, which became all the more intense but in a natural, unforced way.

The massage demanded skin-to-skin contact, so I removed Joe’s leggings and focussed my hands on his very hard cock. I started to deliver one of my expert lingham massages, one that would bring Joe to the edge several times before he exploded! But what was special about this tantric hand relief was that I felt what Joe was feeling inside my own pussy. So every time he was on the verge of coming, I could feel the tingling sensation and energy rising inside of me, which made me know instinctively when to slow down. An incredible sensation and feeling of connection, which I do put down to the initial eye-gazing, a beautiful way to start a ritual like this.

I arrive in Cheltenham shortly, a town I have not previously visited on tour, and I am very much looking forward to forging deep connections with my new clients there.


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