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The Power of the Prostate

One of my Femdom superpowers has got to be my ability to take a man to previously unknown realms of ecstasy by harnessing the power of the prostate. For the uninitiated, I love to slip on my latex gloves, lube up, and probe deep inside, sliding a finger around until I find that special little button to play with and bring you an incredible sensation that you hadn’t felt before.

Located between the penis and rectum and accessed through the anus, the prostate is roughly 3-4 inches inside and the size of a walnut. To me, the prostate often feels like a piece of bubble wrap, and massaging it with one or two fingers brings the best results for me. I like to vary the motion of my fingers, alternating between a circular movement and a “pressing the doorbell” kind of action.

It feels good to be controlling you from the inside out, especially when I can bring you to a surprise orgasm just by stimulating your prostate alone.

It’s great when it’s done as part of a tie and tease, when you’re restrained, your cock and balls are tied, and I’m edging you with my hand, a wand and lots of lube, spitting on your cock as I drive you nearer to this pleasure point. Some men will surprise themselves when they cum, and how the orgasm feels different (many say more intense) from a standard ejaculatory one.

Not that a prostate orgasm is essential. It can simply feel really good to have fingers rubbing against it, and a massage can lead naturally onto using toys inside followed some pegging, with my strap-on cock continuing to stimulate it. One of my favourite tricks is to stroke the frenulum gently and teasingly while giving a prostate massage…such powerful sensations can drive a man insane!

I do love the power of knowing the potential of a man’s body and the sheer delight it can experience, often better than the man thinks he knows himself. Harnessing that power, controlling your orgasm and bringing you to the heights of ecstasy as and when I see fit as you fall more and more under my dominant spell…this is what I love. Seeing your face contort and hearing your moans as you are surprised by what pleasure is contained in your own body, only to be released by my hands, deeply skilled in the art of the prostate massage.


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