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A Couple's Fantasy Curated

A woman was on the end of the phone when I answered it, someone who was very much up for adventure with a plan to surprise her partner, Rob. Jacqui had recently had her first MMF threesome and had loved being the centre of attention between two cocks, belonging to Rob and a bi male escort they’d hired. She had already had her greatest desires come to life. Now it was Rob’s turn, and he was about to have his deepest MMF fantasy curated by me, with Jacqui as an essential part.

Jacqui arrived first at the Lair, candles all around the room and gently throbbing electronica playing, and we conspired together about how we set the scene. Rob arrived a few minutes later, straight from work, as I sent them both into the bathroom to shower together. Jacqui put her lilac Honey Birdette lingerie and stockings back on, but Rob stayed naked except for a towel around his waist. I was wearing a short black evening dress, which barely concealed my lace hold-up stocking tops, and had black lingerie on underneath.

I beckoned them onto the bed in my room, where I invited them to join me for a three-way kiss. We all closed our eyes as we felt the sensual pleasure of three tongues joining together and exploring each other’s mouths as we stroked each other’s hair. It was deeply arousing, as our bodies suggested when our hands travelled down each other’s bodies to our nipples. There were six nipples standing to attention as we rubbed and caressed them, only Rob’s exposed as we ladies had them tucked away in our lingerie, but still getting harder by the moment, and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw Rob’s hard cock protruding through the towel. I demanded he take the towel off, and as he did, I teasingly stripped out of my dress and looked at Jacqui, looking fabulous as her glossy chestnut-brown hair complimented her lingerie perfectly.

“It’s time,” I winked at Jacqui. Rob looked surprised as we both grabbed an arm each and pulled him onto my black velvet chair. Though he didn’t attempt to object in any way (and who could blame him?), I restrained him with some Shibari rope, and looped lengths of it around his wrists and ankles to tie him securely to the chair. He wouldn’t have been able to move if he’d want to! I slipped on a blindfold and put a ball gag in place, and warned him that he’d be able to hear and have the occasional touch, but he wouldn’t be able to see, talk or taste.

The chair was in front of the bed, where I started to narrate what I was doing to Jacqui. I started by sitting astride her and pinning her wrists to the bed, then kissing her, my tongue travelling down her body. I pulled on the cups of her bra so that her nipples popped out. I sucked on one hard while I gently squeezed the other between my thumb and index finger. Jacqui moaned with delight as Rob sighed with frustration! My lips and tongue continued their journey down her body until I parted her panties and gave a teasingly light lick to her clit.

At that point Jacqui and I decided to give a concession to Rob by stripping him of his blindfold. He had suffered enough for us, so now he would just be sitting in the chair watching us. I took off the gag too, seeing that the drool from his mouth matched the significant pool of pre-cum on the floor.

I got back to kissing Jacqui’s thighs as Rob watched, still frustrated, but at least it wasn’t all a picture in his imagination now! I flicked my tongue over her clit and found her sweet spot as I pushed a finger inside her. She was soaking wet, which turned me in even more! And Rob got even harder when I told him that. It wasn’t long until my tongue and finger induced a powerful orgasm that left Jacqui shuddering all over and Rob dribbling pre-cum from his cock right down to the floor below the chair. It was time to release him so he would get his reward…

He was only unbound for the length of time it took to get him face down and ass up on my bench, where he was to receive a treat he’d only dreamt of before. Once on the bench, we strapped him onto it and gave him a very sensual four-handed erotic massage, with plenty of oil. Rob was now relaxed enough for us to slip into our latex gloves. While Rob had experienced anal penetration before, there was certainly something he hadn’t experienced before: being spit roasted. It had to build up slowly though, so I started with a prostate massage with lots of lube, fingering his little button until he started to melt. When he was in prostate massage heaven, I called over Jacqui to take over, and inducted her in her first ever prostate massage. What an absolute treat for Rob, who was purring like a kitten. In the meantime, I stepped into my strap-on harness and held his head down onto my 6-inch strap-on cock, getting him to worship, lick and suck every inch with true devotion to us. It was not hard to convince him to suck it. In fact, he was soon begging for cock!

Jacqui and I had now warmed up Rob’s ass so much that he was ready to be fully spit roasted. She put on a spare strap-on harness that I had, with a slightly bigger cock as she was going to fuck Rob’s mouth. At the other end, I easily sunk my six-incher into Rob’s eager ass and began to pound him. Now feeling so desperate for cock, Rob could not take Jacqui’s teasing and needed her dick inside his mouth right now! So there we were, the two ladies, enjoying every second of our hip thrusts, getting deeper inside Rob with every one. He was close. I grabbed his cock from underneath and slowly wanked his hard dribbling cock to a volcanic eruption that exploded everywhere.

Two of Rob’s greatest fantasies had been met in two hours, but we all felt hugely satisfied! However, my Lair and all that’s in it will most likely conjure up some new fantasies to seed in their beautiful minds until next time…

Illustration courtesy of SARDAX (Permission given). Click on the link to see more of his wonderful work.


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