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Made Bi Lady Phoenix

He had waited for this session for so long and had travelled so far for it, and right now he was exactly where I wanted him: bound tightly to my bench with shibari rope, bent over naked with his butt pushed up in the air and a gag in his mouth. This is where he had said he wanted to be too, though last-minute apprehension was clouding his mind as he wondered whether he was ready for it. I read his expression and body language easily. “You are ready for it. You’re my bitch now, and you’re going to suck cock for me.”

He shuddered and settled into subspace as I blindfolded him and watched his previous worries melt away. What he was about to do was purely for pleasing his Mistress. It was a pity he could no longer see me in my short black PVC skirt, corset and heels, striding around my Lair with a steady mechanical rhythm (although I’m pretty sure that image was by now burnt into his mind). But I didn’t want Todd to experience what he was about to encounter visually…I wanted him to taste my bi male slave first.

I summoned the slave from where he’d been waiting just outside my studio door. He was naked, hard and ready to present his cock under my instruction. Todd was practically salivating in anticipation, so I took the gag out of his mouth and guided his head into the right position. “Open your mouth nice and wide for Mistress,” I said encouragingly as I beckoned my bi slave to bring his cock over to Todd’s lips. “You’re about to have your first taste of real cock.”

After preparing Todd for quite some time with increasingly larger strap-on dicks, I was satisfied that his oral skills were good enough to pleasure a real man’s dick. My bi slave thrust his cock into Todd’s mouth gently at first, as my trainee licked around the head then up and down the shaft, with plenty of spit. But then he began to gyrate more rapidly as Todd’s appetite for cock became apparent…greedier and greedier! Saliva dripped from his mouth as he voraciously took all the slave’s dick down his throat, a skill honed by my prior training. I was so proud of him!

“Is he good at sucking cock?” I asked my slave.

“He sucks like an expert,” came the reply.

“Then I want you, Todd, to make him cum.”

“Yes Mistress,” Todd answered, drooling.

I stroked Todd’s body sweetly, then seized his head controllingly as my bi male slave, who was close to edge now, fucked his mouth hard and fast. He was on the cusp of cumming as I took off Todd’s blindfold so he could look the owner of this magnificent cock in the eye. This only made him suck even harder! My bi slave’s moans intensified as he threw his head back and…released his cum straight into Todd’s mouth. What a good boy, swallowing all of that for Mistress.

My bi slave left the studio having had a great oral session, as I untied Todd from his position on my bench. He described having an “out of body experience” during the session that left him walking on air afterwards. I wonder if he can still taste that cock in his mouth now…


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1 comentario

15 nov 2023

What an hypnotic beauty to behold. Can't take my eyes off you or your strap on.😛

Me gusta
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