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Interview with a Difference

With that I leaned over further so Jeremy could see more of my delicious tits. He seemed a bit flustered by this remark and gesture, but quickly recovered when our soups arrived.

We met in a Bladerunner-style Japanese restaurant. I had been sitting at the table only for a couple of minutes when he arrived, dressed, strangely enough, like Rachel from Bladerunner: a black ruched dress with puff sleeves, black stockings and heels, my blonde hair coiffed into a retro style and deep red glossy lips. Jeremy seated himself opposite me. I had applied for the job of his PA, and he was to grill me about it over a couple of bowls of delicious noodle soup and some sake.

“So, Miss Phoenix,” he began once we had ordered our meal, “thank you for joining me today. What makes you think you are right for this job?”

“Well sir, as you know I am very experienced in my work, and love to bring a creative approach to the job, which has proven to be a big hit with my former employers. Well, as you know, I’m currently still employed, but after five years I do feel that it’s time for pastures new.”

We sipped our sake before Jeremy continued to question me.

“So what do you mean by ‘a creative approach’ Miss Phoenix?”

I leaned in closer to my potential future boss, uncrossing and crossing my legs again.

“I’ve found that previous bosses have appreciated a little variety in the office, especially at stressful times, and I’ve always strived to distract them with little treats and surprises. It works wonderfully to change the working dynamic to a more fluid one.”

“I’m not sure what you mean by ‘treats’ Miss Phoenix. Can you give me any examples?”

I flirtatiously brushed some imaginary lint from my collar and pulled it slightly, revealing a little more of my cleavage to Jeremy. I saw him glance at my breasts.

“I used to have a boss who had a fascination, odd though it may seem, for my feet. So when things were heating up in the office, I used to sit on his desk, take of my heels and allow him to give me a little foot massage. This used to fill him with glee, and after a few minutes of foot-rubbing, he was relaxed and focussed on his work once again. I always like to give my bosses a bit of what they...long for...”

With that I leaned over further so Jeremy could see more of my delicious tits. He seemed a bit flustered by this remark and gesture, but quickly recovered when our soups arrived.

“This all sounds great so far, I have to admit, but you do realise that the job will entail a lot of travel. With me. How would you feel about that?”

After tasting a mouthful of noodles, I put my chopsticks down while I answered and recounted a past experience.

“I love travel, and have nothing to tie me down, no husband, no pets. It’s funny that we’re in a Japanese restaurant actually, as I was recently on a trip to Tokyo with my current boss. One of his secretaries messed up the hotel booking, and we ended up with only one room at the hotel, which was now full. With just a double bed. I would like to think I showed excellent behaviour by being very accommodating and...sharing the bed with my boss.”

Jeremy almost choked on his soup. I leaned back away from him, putting my hands subtly but sexily on my inner thighs. I could tell he was hard by now.

“Goodness Miss Phoenix, you are obviously prepared to go to great lengths to keep your bosses satisfied. I am just wondering if you would be prepared to...give a demonstration of some of your skills.”

I finished the last of my sake and said, “Of course sir. My hotel room is just around the corner from here. Would you care to follow me there so I can give you some examples of my...relief?”

Jeremy hurriedly paid the bill so I could lead him to my hotel room. All the way flashing a little bit of stocking top. But when we reached the lift, I began to take the initiative and pushed him against the mirrored back, kissing him passionately. When we reached my floor, we stopped abruptly and I winked at him saying, “That’s just one demonstration.”

We got to my room and I offered Jeremy a shower. Jeremy returned from the shower with just a towel around him. I had stripped to my lingerie, stockings and heels.

I immediately grabbed his cock and stuffed it down my throat, getting it all wet with my spit. My now bound-to-be future boss was loving it, groaning and gently touching my hair as the tip of his cock hit the back of my throat.

I beckoned him to take off my bra so he could suck on my juicy nipples. This took the sexual frenzy up another notch. Jeremy lay on the bed while I gave him an epic tit-wank, thrusting my oily breasts up and down on his cock. He was groaning with such delight! Before he had the chance to come, I sat on his face and let him eat out my sweet pussy while I ground it on him. It did not take me long to come, very vocally and shudderingly, over his face.

Grabbing a condom and sliding on his cock, I promised Jeremy, “And now for the ultimate treat.” With that, I started riding him furiously like there was no tomorrow, squatting on and off his dick. We then fucked in reverse, and it wasn’t until we got to doggy style that he exploded into me. We embraced and spent a few moments stroking each other.

“Did I get the job then?”

Jeremy answered, “Yes, but on one condition. Do your homework and write a blog post about me.”


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