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How to clean your ass properly before a session

I’ve seen a spike (ouch!) in the past year in my new clients keen to try prostrate massage and/or pegging with me. This has been great from my point of view as I love to indoctrinate my newbies in the joy and wonder of ass penetration! However, this keenness to try something up their bum under the expert guidance of their Mistress often comes with a certain amount of anxiety regarding the cleanliness of their butt…and a worried client will not have the easiest asshole to explore! So let me start this year with a guide to cleanliness right up to your session that will lead to peace of mind (and a whole lot of pleasure!) during your session with me.

1. First of all, minimise your food intake up to 8 hours before the session, and ideally fast for the whole period, only drinking water. That means that when you get to our session, there will be little ready to exit your body via what is to be your rear entry!

2. You might want to use a shower douche at home before you come for your session with me, but my own shower isn’t available for you in that way. However, you can insert a slightly soapy finger up your bum while in the shower to give it a test drive, and hopefully feel reassured when it comes out clean.

3. I do have a bulb douche available for your use in my bathroom (over the toilet) though, which is squeaky clean and ready for you! Fill it with warm (not hot or cold!) water, get into position over the toilet, then use some lube on the nozzle before you insert it into your bumhole…and relaaax!

4. Give the bulb a couple of gentle squeezes and allow yourself to fill up with the warm water. Hold the water inside for a few seconds, then slide the nozzle out of your ass and let whatever’s inside spill into the toilet. Note that if you miss, you’re cleaning up the mess!

5. Repeat steps 3. and 4. until the warm water runs clear.

6. Be a good boy and clean the douche, leaving it on my sink to be cleaned even more thoroughly after our session.

Easy! You’re now ready to come and play with me in my Lair and we can both engage in a carefree pegging and ass penetration session that we’ll enjoy in a relaxed manner. Here’s to having some great fun in your bum in 2023.


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