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How to apply for a filming slave position


When I started filming with other performers after the first lockdown, I didn’t realise that the filming slave application would become such a prevalent phenomena in my life. Ranging from the impeccably sublime to the unwittingly irritating to the laughably ridiculous, these applications came in the form of emails, replies to my tweets, phone calls and texts, some accompanied by photos, links, references from other Mistresses, CVs…etc, but very few actually hit the nail on the head. Consequently those few are now my go-to filming slaves, and are those who I know can be relied on as their performance and dependability match their ability to approach a Mistress correctly.

Recently I received an email from a regular client of mine who wanted to become a filming slave. His enthusiasm and sincerity were high…his etiquette pretty terrible. I knew that he would make a poor impression with other Mistresses if this was his approach, although in person he was bang-on in terms of being polite, respectable, clean and in line with the protocol for standard unfilmed sessions. So I decided to write this guide for slaves who want to be filming slaves where there might be some incongruence between their in-person behaviour and their ability to approach a Mistress appropriately.

First of all, you must remember that as of 2021 it is standard procedure to require you to sign a consent form, bring photographic ID, and possibly be photographed holding your ID. If you’re not prepared to do this, please don’t bother even thinking of replying.

Now the next consideration. Are you writing in response to an advert a Mistress has put out to recruit slaves? Or are you sending your CV out of the blue hoping for an opportunity with the Mistress of your choice? You are much more likely to have your proposal read in the first case than the second as an email of the latter kind falls into the unsolicited category. You may be perceived as looking for discounted sessions if you approach the second way, which will not go down well with a Mistress. Better to exercise patience and wait until She advertises on Twitter.

In terms of how to write to Her, email is the standard medium for applying to be a slave. Calls could come at an inconvenient time to the Mistress and texts are generally too short and risk ending in an unwanted game of text ping-pong. Do not tweet a reply to an ad if the Mistress has asked you to email. That’s instant bad etiquette as you’re trying to jump the queue.

Next, assuming you are emailing in response to an ad, read the ad carefully to check that you are available to come to the desired location on the filming dates and that you partake in the activities required by the Mistress and are able to dress as requested. If the Mistress is filming forced bi content and that’s not one of your fetishes, don’t write and say you’re not into forced bi but you do pegging. If She requires a rubber gimp, don’t reply saying that you want to participate but need to buy the gimp suit first. That’s not helpful at all. If you include your CV of preferred activities, take care not to include activities the Mistress does not offer. If She does not offer pussy worship then leave it out of your email to Her! Don’t let your over-enthusiasm lead to you embarrassing yourself in front of the Mistress and (worse!) wasting Her time.

Take care in your reply to include all of the desired information required of you. Make the Mistress aware of anything that might be of concern eg. needing a hood (if it’s a choice), covering tattoos and health issues that might impede filming. This will eliminate nasty surprises on the day! However, don’t make your application too long, the Mistress will lose interest in your application before long. A concise summary of your likes, limits and experience with contact details is usually enough. A full length photo will be helpful, but no more than one! A few links to freely viewable clips you’ve previously filmed are great, and also the names of some Mistresses you’ve worked with so your references can be checked out.

Now here’s a home truth: if you were hoping to make money from starring in clips with your favourite Mistress, I’m afraid that’s highly unlikely to happen. Most Mistresses require a tribute for filming that needs to be paid in advance to ensure their attendance on the day. Mistresses make money from their clip sites and subscription sites through their own hard work and creativity. Some diligent subs have set up their own sites, but it is only after they have established themselves on the scene as reputable slaves with excellent manners, otherwise Mistresses wouldn’t be working with them!

Please note one important consideration: asking for filmed session is not the same as applying to be a filming slave. If you have a fantasy that involves a Mistress and you want it to be filmed and even distributed, then you need to pay for a regular session that will probably include a filming fee. Do not expect to pay a discounted filming slave fee for this! We Mistresses recruit slaves for Our ideas on Our terms. You don’t find Mistresses for your clip ideas on your terms!

Another consideration is to make sure your email not only follows this guide but also the protocols specific to the Mistress you are writing to. Most Mistresses have etiquette sections on their websites that advise you, for instance, on how to address them. Following the specifications unique to the Mistress will help you to be looked on favourably and potentially lead to a successful filming slave application.

One more thing before your application is signed, sealed and delivered. Not everyone has perfect English, so do your best and make sure you at least communicate your message well. Mistresses know that some slaves have dyslexia or English is their second language, so there is normally some tolerance for the odd slip. But I re-iterate, do your best!

Good luck!


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