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Double Deflowering

It was the second time we were meeting, and after having a heavier, more BDSM-oriented session first time round, Henry had requested a more sensual session, perhaps exploring new uncharted territories, and that was exactly what I was hoping, especially as this gentleman was so young (in his early twenties) and I felt that I had a lot to show him and guide him with.

I was impressed with this young man’s spirit of adventure (and also the careful preparation he had made in order to enjoy what he’d requested today). As he came out of the bathroom after his shower, I played seductively with my long blonde wavy hair, running my fingers through it and enticing Henry through my bedroom door and onto my bed. He made his way slightly nervously into my boudoir, but in the knowledge that he was in the best hands for what came next. He had just a towel around his waist while I was dressed in my favourite Catherine d’Lish satin gown.

I took control of Henry immediately, kissing him hard on the lips, which made his hardness emerge through the towel. I took his hands and guided them around my silky body, from my shoulders, down to my breast, where I made them linger for a while. I encouraged him to touch me all over, going lower and lower, to my waist. At that point, I dropped my burgundy satin robe to reveal my shiny black leather lingerie, nylon stockings on my shapely legs, high-heeled Louboutin Pigalles….and a small strap-on cock. Henry was about to pop his anal cherry.

Comfortably lying on the bed face up, Henry drew his knees in towards himself while I eased a latex-gloved finger inside his virgin butthole, with just enough lube on to slide in with relative ease. With the other hand, I stroked his hardening cock. I sensed how relaxed he was, taking my finger in his ass as it probed inside, gently rubbing against his prostate. One finger made way to two, with Henry clearly loving what he was feeling, slightly squirming with delight. But to fully lose his anal virginity, my strap-on just had to go inside him. He was ready!

I pulled up his legs on either of my shoulders and began to enter him, Henry feeling every inch on my six-inch strap-on as I made my way in. When I reached the hilt, I held still for a moment and watched his expression. I could see in his face that he was ready to be fucked, so I started to push my hips back and forth so he could feel the full extent of thrusts in and out. He moaned and grew harder as I picked up the pace and made some more powerful motions which really filled him with my strap-on dick. Every stroke of my dick was ecstasy for Henry. I turned him over onto all fours so he could experience being pegged in this position. Sliding my strap-on dick in while I held his waist, I began to fuck Henry hard and fast. He pushed back onto dick, clearly loving the angle my dick was inside him. I grabbed his cock, feeling it hard in my hand. “Have you enjoyed losing your anal virginity, my new slut?” I asked.

“Yes! But I haven’t lost my actual virginity yet.”

“Would you like to go for the double today Henry?”

His affirmative answer had me readjust his position. He was face-up and ready to ride. I put a condom on his hard dick and leaned over him to kiss him tenderly as I removed my strap-on and pulled my panties to the side. My pussy slid onto his cock with ease (if there’s anything to get me really turned on, then a double deflowering is high up there!). I rode him slowly steadily at first because of his lack of experience, but he was on the receiving end of a wealth of my own. I was impressed with his first-time stamina as I continued to use my hips to guide his cock even nearer towards climax. His cock felt good inside my cunt as it hit my G-spot, with me steering Henry and being truly in the driving seat of this encounter. I drove us both closer and closer until…”Wait! May I see your Phoenix?”

Well, what could I do but spin around and unleash the power of my Phoenix back art? Reverse cow-girl at its best as I flexed my back muscles and gave my Phoenix a canvas to be proud of. Henry was in awe as my Phoenix did its magic and, with us both positioned perfectly and moving in synchrony, we reached our orgasms simultaneously, somehow powered by the mythical creature on my back. We lay embracing for a time while we reflected on what had been lost, and indeed, what had been gained in these last thrilling moments.


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