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An explosive introduction

I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, making her twitch with pure pleasure, but never allowing her over the edge.

I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, making her twitch with pure pleasure, but never allowing her over the edge.

They arrived together, a couple who had met not so long ago, and had decided that sexual adventure was what they wanted to try. They were obviously a good match, especially as their fetishes complemented each other very well. But most importantly, this was a birthday treat for Hannah, the female and submissive side of the couple, gifted to her from Simon, on the male and dominant side. Simon’s role in this encounter was to be of comfort,support and voyeurism in this meeting however, rather than having any hands-on role. That was for me to take care of.

Hannah had fantasised about a dominant woman taking charge of her sexually, but had not experienced being with a woman before. There was a little apprehension, but she was ready to surrender. I could see that this was perfect timing to pop the cherry she craved so much.

After a glass of wine and an honest and candid chat, we aligned and we’re ready to play. I undressed Hannah and undressed myself in front of her, making eye contact all along. Once both of us were naked, I led her to the bed by her hand, where I blindfolded her and slipped shibari rope around her wrists, tightening the rope enough to leave an impression she’d remember this encounter by over dinner later. The energy of the room changed instantly from the warm chattiness of earlier to a suspenseful, edgy silence. Who knew what would happen next? Words were not necessary. Simon sat close by to Hannah on the bed to read her in the way a loving partner can. Hannah was already in sub space.

I began to caress Hannah all over her body, exploring her first with my fingertips, very lightly and sensually. She trembled and moaned softly as I brushed the pads of my fingers over her breasts, honing in on her nipples, which were hard and inviting. I began to tease one with my tongue, making her writhe with pleasure and shudder a little. The gentle touch of my tongue was accompanied by the sharper sensation of my long glossy red nails travelling around her stomach and downwards. The trembling became even more intense as my face followed my fingers, my destination being the beautiful pussy that awaited me, glisteningly wet.

Simon had prepped me that Hannah was prone to cumming very easily, a wonderful thing for a woman! However, I was not going to allow this yet. There could easily be scope for a whole lot of erotic teasing at this point…and this is what developed. I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit, making her twitch with pure pleasure, but never allowing her over the edge. Her partner joined in with some seductive kissing stroking at this point, so that she felt two pairs of lips and hands on her. So tantalisingly divine! My fingers slipped inside her very wet cunt as I gently probed her, then feeding her my fingers with her juices dripping from them. She was incredibly turned on, and she begged me to let her cum, but I refused and continued to tease. Her pulse raced, her face flushed, her mind almost in sensory overload, she could bear no torment…so I turned things right around.

“I’m going to let you cum now,” I announced, “but just not in the way you hoped.” I smiled at Simon, slightly evilly, and produced a Doxy wand. Pressing it to Hannah’s clit, I turned it on high.

She came immediately, explosively and loudly, her body undulating with the pent-up orgasmic joy that needed to be released. But as the climactic waves settled, I didn’t stop pressing the Doxy. Simon helped restrain her as she pretended to resist, but we both knew that after that huge amount of teasing, we weren’t going to stop at one orgasm. She surrendered and came again and again, animatedly and vociferously, but it wasn’t until she squirted projectile, soaking the sheets she was on, that we finally stopped, relieved her of the Doxy and untied her.

We were all a little breathless after that! A beautiful chemistry between two loving and adventurous partners and someone that could bring their fantasies to life. I hope that they continue their fetish exploration and keep discovering new sexual highs together. This encounter certainly made the facilitator very happy indeed.


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