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Tasting Forbidden Fruit for Mistress

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

He was back for more...I knew he wouldn't be able to resist me any longer since releasing his inner beast with Rosy and I the week before. I had another surprise up my sleeve for Kinky Bitch Simon this time though. That was the thing about Simon...there were so many kinks to him that it was just impossible to explore them all with just female company. I needed something else in the mix, and I knew just what that was.

Simon arrived at my central London apartment, a large airy flat overlooking some gardens which were just starting to flower this early spring. I answered the door wearing an outfit that I knew he would go crazy for...silky black lingerie, fully fashioned stockings, killer heels and a gorgeous red lace robe to at least give me some modicum of modesty. Simon was in no way an appreciator of modesty, but he enjoyed watching my body through the lace of my gown, remembering how it had been last time. We sipped on our drinks in the living room area of the apartment, a sparkling water for me and a bottle of beer for Simon, as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, getting wet as I thought about what was going to happen this time. Simon observed the little bottles of his magic medicine all over the room, just as I had prepared for him.

“Time to get changed, my Kinky Bitch.” I led Simon by the hand into the bedroom, a white room with crisp, fresh bed linen. “Slip into this little black cami dress,” I said, pulling it over his head. I couldn't resist rubbing his nipples through the satin mini dress and making them hard. Next went on the stockings. Simon sat down as I helped him into the elegant hosiery, one leg at a time. The heels in his size worked perfectly with the look, and I was pleased to see that he seemed more confident about wearing and walking in them than last time we'd met. My Kinky Bitch was coming into his own! But he would be nothing without the trademark red glossy lipstick, which I applied in abundance to his hungry lips.

“Nearly ready,” I smiled at Simon, tossing my blonde waves. “But I just need you to take a nice big sniff of the magic medicine.” Kinky Bitch Simon did not need to be asked twice and greedily inhaled the fumes from the little bottle into each nostril in turn...twice. He was flying high when I picked up my phone to write a quick message. The message read “Ready now. Come up..."

The recipient of the message made their way up the stairs from the hallway and soon enough there was a knock at the door. Kinky Bitch Simon now really had the horn, and there was an erection protruding from his silky cami dress. Even though he knew what wasabout to happen, it made it no less exciting, and when I appeared with Elliot, a tall, handsome man, who took off his long coat to reveal he was wearing a black shiny PVC shirt and trousers and ankle boots. He looked good enough to eat, which was good, because he was about to be eaten. Eliiot commandingly unzipped his fly to reveal a magnificent hard cock, and beckoned Simon over to him. My Kinky Bitch knew exactly what to do, and got on his knees in front of Elliot to take his cock in his mouth. Well, I must say that I was impressed with my Kinky Bitch's oral skills, he managed to take the full ten inches down his throat, with a little encouragement from yours truly. Not only that, but the way he sucked...such excellent tongue action, which made me think about how good his oral had been on me last week! The glossy lipstick got absolutely everywhere, which turned us all on.

While I loved watching Simon giving head like a true pro, he was here to get fucked. “Kinky Bitch. Medicine time,” I said, feeding him with the fumes once again, and seeing Simon's face delight in the intoxication. “Good boy. Now Elliot is going to return the favour and use that cock of yours. Elliot – use this Kinky Bitch and own his cock.” The good-looking muscular man took Simon's hardened dick from beneath the satin cami in his hand and began to massage it until it started leaking with dewy precum. Elliot began to lick the head while I watched on approvingly. “That's it Elliot, use that lovely tongue of yours all over the head...all down the shaft...around the balls...then up to the tip again. Make that cock nice and wet for me.” After he had followed my instructions to the tee, I pushed Elliot's mouth further onto Simon's dick, almost forcing it down his throat (as if he didn't want to take that cock as far as he could!) and he didn't disappoint! My Kinky Bitch threw his head back with delight as I observed the sexual feast going on in front of my eyes. I wanted in.

“Three-way oral is my filthiest fantasy that I haven't tried yet!” I announced. “Let's get into formation.” I lay on the bed, pulling up my red negligee to reveal my hungry wet pussy and beckoned Elliot to come over to use on my clit the tongue that had just a second ago had Simon's throbbing dick on it. I summoned my Kinky Bitch to slip that dick inside my mouth as I wanted to feel the sensations of licking while being licked. Elliot was so deft with his agile tongue that only the action of sucking Simon's cock suppressed the loudness of my moans. I sucked hard and deep as Elliot tasted every bit of my pussy and pushed me over the edge into the throes of ecstasy with the tip of his tongue. I could tell that Simon was close to cumming now, but this was not the time! So I kept on edging and edging him, teasing him, feeling his balls in my hand, squeezing them and sensing he was very near the brink. At that point I tantalisingly got them to change places, with Elliot's dick in my mouth and Simon on my cunt, just so that Simon could simmer down a bit as I had plans for what would follow next!

“Elliot. Fuck my Kinky Bitch now.” I ordered, with the emphasis on the 'now'. Elliot deftly spun Simon around, lifted up his satin dress and smeared lube on his ass. It seemed to happen so quickly, one moment Elliot's beast of a penis was slapping around Simon's bum cheeks...then it was inside him. All of it. I smiled with satisfaction as I watched Elliot take my Kinky Bitch and fuck him like he had waited a lifetime for it. Watching him bending the slut overand sliding his dick in and out made me hotter and wetter. I wanted in on this! Elliot fucked Simon brutally over the bed, my Kinky Bitch lapping up every single stroke. But it was my turn!

“Elliot. Leave the slut for now. Come and fuck me.” The hot bisexual guy looked up and withdrew his big dick from Simon. “Come and lie on the bed Elliot, it's time I did some of the work. Simon, you can just watch.” With that, I slid my wet pussy onto Elliot's ready-made erection and began to fuck him. “Take a sniff of your medicine Simon and watch me fuck.” The fucking was furiously paced as I bounced up and down on Elliot's cock, every second that went by, the passion was amplified.

“I'm gonna cum!” cried Elliot.

“Not yet!” I said and climbed off his cock. “Get here now Kinky Bitch and suck this dick with me."

Simon and I sucked in frenzied sexual heaven. We could almost smell Elliot's cum as he was about to blow his load. I shoved his dick into Simon's mouth as a huge load of cum exploded forth and filled it until cum was dripping from the corners of his mouth. My filthy Kinky Bitch had surpassed himself again.

“Thank you Elliot. You may leave now. I need some time with my Kinky Bitch,” I said. Elliot quickly put his clothes on and left the two of us to chill. “You've been such a good little Bitch Simon, so I'm going to give you an appropriate reward for such a slut. You really need a good fisting.” Simon's butt, already opened up by Elliot's giant cock, was ready to take my fist. My latex-gloved hand was pre-loaded with lube. Simon got on all fours and received his reward like the Bitch he was. How I enjoyed driving my fist into the slut and getting him to surrender to yet another of his very many kinks...a fitting conclusion to our rendezvous.

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