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Silencing my Opponent

I pulled open his shirt and tugged on his hard nipples as I grew wetter at feeling my power over him.

I pulled open his shirt and tugged on his hard nipples as I grew wetter at feeling my power over him.

Apart from the barman, I was the only person left in the hotel bar, sipping on an Old Fashioned and getting ready to retire to bed for the big day tomorrow. But who was that coming into the bar at this late hour? It couldn’t be Dylan, could it? My handsome ex-colleague…and now my rival, since he had joined our closest competitor. He must be meeting Keith to pitch to him tomorrow too…

“Having a nightcap are you Dylan?” He turned around looking slightly surprised but pleased to see me. “I take it you’re here for the same reason as me…you must be presenting to Keith tomorrow?” Dylan gave me one of his warm but enigmatic smiles and nodded. “Why don’t you have a seat here with me? I’m not going to give anything away about what’s up my sleeve, but it’ll be good to catch up.” He sat down next to me with the drink he’d just got from the bar,

I flirtily stroked the suspender straps under my leather pencil skirt while he told me his news from the past three months or so. We had had great fun together when we’d been on the same team, and had got temptingly close to kissing on a couple of occasions at work conferences. However, tonight I now had another reason for ensuring I ended up in his bedroom. I sipped the last of my cocktail, smoothed down my nylon stockings and got up to leave the bar, saying I was heading to bed…then looked over my shoulder to add, “Unless you’d prefer me to head to your bed.” I didn’t need to ask Dylan twice, although we both knew it wasn’t the best preparation for tomorrow.

“Fuck it, let’s have some fun!” I cajoled, as Dylan handed me his keycard and told me to head to room 31 while he sorted out the bill and consulted the receptionist over a query he had. His meeting was scheduled for 10am, mine 9am.

I unlocked and stepped into his room, and unzipped my bag. Good job I had brought my BDSM kit with me on this trip. I always managed to seduce someone hot on my business trips, whether male or female, and corrupt them with my kinky ways. A bit of rope was all that was required to put my quickly-hatched plan into practice, not to mention a gag. I heard footsteps. I was ready to pounce. In he came, and quick as a flash, I had entrapped him, restraining him with the rope and gagging him. Although startled by my swift and dominant action, he thought it was just part of our sex game…and it was…at least at first.

I overpowered him easily now he was unable to move his arms and legs, and pushed him onto the bed. I teased him, slowly stripping off my lace blouse and leather skirt until I was just in my lingerie, nylons and heels. I knew he would adore that…and his erection grew as I popped it out of his trousers and began to massage it. I pulled open his shirt and tugged on his hard nipples as I grew wetter at feeling my power over him. I tied him to the bed to ensure there was absolutely no escape for him. He seemed to enjoy it as I pulled my knickers to the side and demanded he lick me to orgasm. His tongue action on my clit was sublime. I came hard, trembling as I began to edge him. I masturbated his hard cock again snd again to the point of climax. The tension of the rope around his wrists, ankles and torso only adding to his intense pleasure. I had to ride him. After slipping a condom on him, I squatted above him, sliding myself onto his tempting hard-on. I lowered myself down then pulled myself up again and again and again, fucking his cock furious and enjoying the sensation of it entering me and getting really deep inside me. I think Dylan was enjoying it just as much as me as his stifled orgasmic sounds emanated from behind the gag. He came hard. It was time for my plan to kick in!

As he gestured to me to untie him, I simply ignored him and got dressed. “Thanks for the ride Dylan. Shame you won’t make your meeting though. My knots have got rather good. I’m sure the maid will find you after checkout time though…that’s at 12am, right?” I winked at him and turned on my heels to leave while I heard some rustling and muffled cries…very muted indeed. Nobody would here him. With my main rival bound and gagged in his hotel room, the meeting with Keith would be a pushover.


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