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Sex Therapy Part Two

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Charles returned to my consultation room a mere two weeks later. His intrusive thoughts had become too much again. He blamed it on stress. His cock-sucking obsession needed to be addressed once more. Since his treatment now had to be taken to a new level, I suggested that I bring in my assistant to ensure the most effective methods of dealing with his obsession could be implemented.

“Yes, I’ll be happy for you to bring her in,” Charles said.

“My assistant is actually male, just so you don’t get any surprises,” I corrected Charles. “You will be in a hypnotic trance by the time he arrives, in about twenty minutes.”

We began the hypnotic induction process, as I helped Charles relax, drawing him ever deeper into a trance with my soothing voice until his eyelids were too heavy to keep open. Under he went, and then my power trip took over. I would use Charles as my toy, just like last time. But this time my assistant Dean would be participating.

Charles was fully under my spell by the time there was a knock at the door. “Come in Dean.” My assistant, a tall, slim, good looking man in his early thirties entered. “We’re going to help Charles get rid of his intrusive cock-sucking thoughts once and for all. But in order to do this, he must take your cock...thereby immersing himself fully in his thoughts. Only then will he be able rid himself of his obsession and move on with his life. Dean, please get your cock out.”

Dean undressed and approached Charles with a most delightful erection, ten inches of hard, solid, veined flesh. “Take the cock in your mouth Charles,” I ordered. He was not tentative in manner, but began to devour that wonderful cock, licking and sucking it as if it was the most delicious delicacy known to man. Dean similarly looked like he was enjoying Charles’ technique, which was pleasing. “I know you can take it deep Charles, do it!” I said, spitting on Dean’s cock. He didn’t disappoint me, obeying my commands and taking every inch of that dick.

“So Dean, would you say that Charles has excelled at cock-sucking today?”

“Yes Dr Phoenix, he certainly has skills in that area.”

“Well, while you are still under my spell Charles, you need to receive your reward for being so good today! Dean is going to fuck you.”

Charles was so passively obliging as I instructed him to get into position face-up on the consultation room bed while I held his legs up and Dean took his bi virginity. “Harder Dean, harder! He can take it.” When Charles could take no more, Dean pulled out his huge cock and spunked over Charles’ face, while I masturbated him to simultaneous orgasm.

After returning from the shower, Charles sat down with me as I brought him out of his trance.

“Do you remember anything about what happened in the trance?”

“Not a thing...but I feel really good! The best I’ve felt in ages actually!”

“Wonderful news! You may have some recollections that manifest as dreams in the next few days. Do take note of what you remember. With just a couple more sessions we will get you fully back to yourself again.” I gave Dean a wink as Charles left, fully knowing he would be back for more treatment again soon.


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Nurse Phoenix and Nurse DuRose attend to their patient Viking Will, who is waking up from the world's first cock transplant. There's only one way to find out if the operation has been a success and his cock works properly...and that's for his nurses to use their mouths and hands to bring him to orgasm through oral and manual pleasure.


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