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Lunching latex lovers

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

.....while I slipped into my gorgeous new dress, which made my waist tiny, and my breasts and hips enhanced.

I don’t usually work on Saturdays but can be very easily tempted out with the promise of lunch out with some added latex shopping. Steve is a regular of mine who I’ve been seeing for almost three years now, and like myself, he is a part-time rubber fetishist. I had often modelled my own latex outfits in our meetings, but this time Steve wanted to add to my collection himself.

And where better to have our lunch/latex encounter than Covent Garden? After all it is home to one of the premier latex retailers in London, Liberation, as well as a multitude of various eateries. Steve chose the aptly-named Mon Plaisir for our lunch, to begin our rendezvous, the oldest French restaurant in London. We settled in and ordered a carafe of Savignon Blanc to sate our thirsty palettes, while we caught up about our news from the past few month as well as discussing everything from art history to politics, from architecture to (of course!) kink. We got a bit flirty over our main course (mine was a delicious scallops and shrimps skewer while Steve opted for sole) as I gave him a few generous flashes of cleavage from my side of the table. Conveniently, my slinky black dress had a zip at the collar that could be teasingly and enchantingly unfastened until I’m came right down between my bosom. Now it was Steve who was getting hot around the collar. We finished our wine and trotted hurriedly to Liberation, one of my favourite latex shops, and conveniently just around the corner.

We entered the sumptuously designed shop floor and were greeted warmly by a staff member (clearly someone knew someone here?! LOL). We knew exactly where we were going and had no time to waste: down to the basement where the off-the-peg latex items were displayed, and of course, the changing rooms. I pretty much knew what I was aiming for (my vision was a latex corset or something incorporating a corset, which was fortunately what Steve had in mind too). We selected a small number of exciting rubber creations, and I took them with me into the changing room and closed the red velvet curtain shut. Except it didn’t stay shut for very long as I needed Steve’s assistance in squeezing into some of the more tighter-fitting numbers. And as he zipped me up, I couldn’t resist rubbing my firm, latex-clad bottom against Steve’s crotch. Steve clearly approved.

In the end, I selected an extremely sexy and intriguing dress that was mainly transparent black latex (the upper torso, arms and skirt), but had an opaque black corset middle. I also chose a smart black latex jacket, complete with shoulder pads, which I visualised wearing with little black rubber knickers and fishnet stockings. Steve could not wait to get me back to my apartment!

In fact, the taxi journey from Covent Garden to South Kensington was one of the longest I’ve endured, with Steve bulging at the crotch and me getting wet in anticipation of parading my new acquisitions to Steve! We entertained each other by showing our favourite designers’ wares on Instagram.

Once back at my place, we showered and got talced. Steve had brought his own latex along, a vest-top and trousers, while I slipped into my gorgeous new dress, which made my waist tiny, and my breasts and hips enhanced. Talk about curves in all the right places!

After a fondle and stroke of each other in the latex, off case Steve’s trousers as I rolled up my skirt so that we could have a good, frantic, sexy fuck in front of my mirrored wardrobes. Wow. It might have been a cold, winter day, but we sure worked up a sweat with our vigorous fucking! Both of us came at around the same time, encouraging each other on with our crescendoing moans. What a perfect end to a fantastic afternoon! Not even the multitude of Christmas shoppers on the tube home could dampen a sexual after-glow like that...!

down to the basement where the off-the-peg latex items were displayed, and of course, the changing rooms.


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