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Dining with the Devil

Are your hors d’ouevres tasting ordinary? Are you looking for more panache with your plat principal? More perversion with your pudding? Then it sounds like you need a dinner date with the Devil…

My dinner dates are deliciously spicy, and not necessarily in the culinary sense of the word. Have you ever had your date arrive with a latex dress on underneath her overcoat, with her demanding to be polished discreetly under the table? That’s how one of my most memorable dates began (and believe me, the latex wasn’t entirely out of place in that particular restaurant!). Dressing to make an impression is an essential part of dining with me, especially when it is accompanied by a task. So you mind find that one of my fully fashioned nylon stockings has come loose underneath my satin evening dress, and you will be expected to fasten it to its suspender strap while we wait for our champagne to arrive. It’s not all about me though, and the dressing up might even extend to you! One lucky slave received the instruction to turn up for dinner wearing stockings and suspenders under his trousers, which I did a touch-up-under-the-table test on. He then received a gift of a pair of my satin panties under the table, which he was tasked with putting on underneath his trousers in the gentlemen’s loos. I required him to send immediate photographic proof of his new underwear before he rejoined me at the dinner table. Needless to say, these were my panties, so I spent the remainder of dinner with no knickers on at all…

Tasks over dinner are huge fun for all involved, particularly for me! I might get you to order the most expensive meal in the restaurant for me while you order the cheapest for yourself…all while I’m controlling a butt plug that’s buzzing deep inside you. Let’s hope the waiter doesn’t notice your stumbling! If we’re both drinking champagne, then I might leave the table and return with a little additive for your flute glass…and tip a vial of my golden nectar in to make it all the more divine. Alternatively, a long-term chastity session might come to a welcome end over dinner, with me handing over your key and sending you to the bathroom…but whether you will survive the tease and torment you’ll receive over the next two courses is an entirely different matter.

Teasing over dinner, done in a subtle way, leaves an excellent taste in my mouth. Imagine me distracting you with my ample cleavage while I flirt with you. If a flash of stocking tops here and there will get your pulse racing, then how will you react when one of my pretty feet is inside your fly caressing your hardening cock over cocktails? Or I might get my clit stimulator toy out under the table and purely focus on my own pleasure in between courses while you watch my face as I gracefully play with myself.

Of course, dinner is only the precursor to what happens later. The Devil will have so much more in store for you post-dessert, so stay horny and at least a little hungry for more!

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