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Clubbed into submission

I strolled into the club in all my finery: a black figure-hugging leather dress, shiny black fox fur, black knee-length high-heeled boots, black above elbow-length leather gloves and a black fedora. But my favourite accessory of all was the one I was pulling along on a lead behind me: my collared slave wearing only a pair of tiny PVC shorts, latex hood and heavy duty boots (all black to match his Mistress, of course!). House music throbbed gently in this suitably dark underworld environment as I strode across the dungeon floor with my slave.

There were plenty of sights to be seen in the club, like the naked men lying down side by side in the trampling booth, the sissy in the groping box (a Perspex coffin with holes in the sides for anyone to put their arms through for a fondle), and a Mistress lashing a slave with a long bullwhip. Slave C offered to buy champagne for me (only to be expected really…), so I led him to the bar where he purchased a bottle of Moët & Chandon and grabbed a couple of glasses. I was adorned by admiring but humble glances as I waited for Slave C, but once he had been served, it was very much his time to serve me. I tugged on his lead and marched him into the outdoor area, populated by a few other dazzlingly dressed dominatrixes and their slaves as well as a few lone male submissives longing to catch the eye of one of the dominant ladies present and get the chance to serve this evening.

I demanded Slave C kneel on the ground next to the table where I sat down after he had poured my drink for me. After all, this was Club Pedestal, where ladies are elevated to their natural supreme role while men are on their knees! I kept him on his leash while I sipped champagne from a glass. He politely asked if he could have some, but I told him that he would have to make do with water until we could go somewhere private later where he could sip his Mistress’s very own champagne. I was delighted to see few other Mistresses I knew come outside, and I introduced them to Slave C as they sat down: the ice blonde Mistress Wildfire, the towering Lady Valeska and the smouldering Mistress Dayana. Three very beautiful and intimidating ladies! I was pleased to see Slave C behaving so well in front of them in spite of him being a relative newcomer to the world of BDSM. We ladies chatted away about the thrilling sessions and filming we’d done recently while Slave C was permitted to engage Mistress Wildfire’s slave in conversation. I couldn’t help but giggle when Slave C alerted his new slave pal to what he thought was his phone vibrating. It wasn’t a phone of course, but a vibrating butt plug controlled by Mistress Wildfire. “Your turn next time Slave C,” I winked.

After we ladies had finished the champagne and had hit the dancefloor for a while, it was time to have some private fun with Slave C, who had booked an Airbnb nearby. I pushed him into a cab with me for the short distance there, and I ordered Slave C into the middle of the living room floor, naked but still hooded with an added blindfold. He stayed in position on his knees with his hands behind his head for about ten minutes, until there was a knock on the door. “Stay absolutely still,” I told him, “I’ll get that.”

Slave C must have been trying to place the two new female voices that entered the room. Two low sexy voices with slight lilting Eastern European accents. Could he have met them already that night? It wasn’t for him to know yet.

I commanded Slave C to get onto his hands and knees. Mistress Dayana and I held him down while Mistress Wildfire produced a few lengths of coarse jute rope and began to use her Shibari skills to tie his wrists and ankles together so that he had to stay on all fours on the floor. A great position to be spit roasted in of course! The three of us were meticulously well-prepared for this coming scene, and slipped out of our club outfits and into our lingerie and strap-ons, all three dildos being big enough to suitably challenge our restrained fuck piece. After some prostate massage warming up, Slave C was ready to receive our dicks. But the question was, which holes would we have? I claimed his hungry butthole while Mistresses Wildfire and Dayana made him devour their dildos one after the other in quick succession…and then we rotated, passing him between us like a used piece of meat. We all got to fuck both of his holes until he begged for mercy…but we still had one final treat for Slave C!

We untied him from his rope bondage and led him by the cock to the bathroom. “Can you guess who came back from the club to use you Slave C?” He guessed correctly that I was in the esteemed company of Mistress Wildfire and Mistress Dayana. I dragged him into the bath and removed his blindfold so he could see me and the two other Mistresses standing over him and now dressed in just our lingerie. We parted our panties to the side and let our torrents spill all over Slave C. At last he had got to taste our delicious champagne. We let him savour it as we three Dommes put our gladrags back on and headed back to the club for a final hour on the dancefloor.

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