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My Dungeon Valentine

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

It was time I paid one of my favourite party places a long-overdue visit. Last time had been in February 2020, just before lockdown, and at the party that year, I had no idea at all that it would be my last for three years. So, to say that I intended to do three years’ worth of partying in one night was about right! And my, the scene was set, with a pre-party drinks event in my Lair beforehand! Friends old and new, from far and wide had come to hang out and let their hair down with me. It was Valentine’s Day again, but romance was not on the cards. Bringing out our inner sexual beasts definitely was though! We were all feeling rampant, most of us in our best latex, and we planned to party hard! My dress was a red latex flamenco bra top and skirt, as I was feeling the heat even in mid-February and I wanted to dance. The knee-length black leather boots I was wearing were made for dancing as well as for giving any footwear fetishist a massive hard-on.

We got into our Ubers and made the short journey to the club, stepping out like rockstars into the front of the queue with our guest list places. I had certainly earned mine after hitting the dancefloors of my favourite fetish clubs periodically since 2005! But tonight was special, as we had lost time to catch up on and our merry band of Dommes, kinksters, slaves, subs and fetishists were going out in style. One of our group was performing on stage for some of the night, so we parted company with her very early. I was happy to show my friends from Scotland, Bella and Miss Kendra, around the labyrinthine nightclub to help them get their bearings, but we were quickly on the dancefloor with the others in our group, low down, dirty and grinding together!

It is an impossible quest to keep a group of 10+ people together at a fetish event, so losing people to the couples’ room, awash with high sexual energy, was part and parcel of a good night out at Torture Garden. I managed to stay with Bella and Miss Kendra, and guide them to a spot in the club that really needed introducing: the dungeon. I spotted one of my close friends, who was monitoring in the dungeon and helped us to a spanking bench, the only piece of furniture not being used there. Well, I have to say that I’m very much in my comfort zone when I have a spanking bench, so over the bench went one young lady that I’m very much used to punishing the behind of, Bella! She looked very cute indeed in her black Lady Lucie Latex outfit, with bra top, suspender belt and panties, and hugely spankable! There was a crowd amassing near where we were, all looking at us, so the pressure was on to put on a show. Good job my hands were very much used to dishing out a good hiding!

I pulled Bella’s hair back from her face and stroked it, whispering my mean intentions in her ear. She trembled as I spoke softly, and even more so as I took my place beside her while dragging my nails down her neck and back, landing just on the small of her back. I was ready to heat up Bella’s butt with my bare hand. No implements required, thank you!

Knowing how hard she could take, I didn’t even start with what one would call a warm-up. I wanted to see my red handprints on her bare pale butt before her whole bottom glowed…but most of all I wanted my audience to see. Being in front of all those spectators turned me on. One butt was just not enough. I summoned Miss Kendra and pulled her on top of Bella, so they were stacked one on top of the other. Now I had four buttocks to spank on two of the prettiest girls there, one brunette and one blonde. Miss Kendra had another Lady Lucie Latex creation on in baby pink, an outfit that almost melted me…but fortunately not my firm hand, which still had to deal out one more round of spankings before I was done in the dungeon.

This round was slightly sexier though, as I enjoyed touching the two ladies’ wet pussies, virtually on top of each other and practically begging for attention from me. Hard slaps to each butt cheek in turn alternated with tender massaging to the same cheeks and gentle fingering to those gorgeous pussies. I must have made every spectator envy me as we reached the post-punishment phase…but what really topped it all was playing with those throbbing clitorises (yes, two at once!) and making both of my sexy friends in latex cum hard. Seems they enjoyed having an audience just as much as I did! I would get my own orgasm later at the after-party…now it was time to go back on the dancefloor and stay there til we dropped!

After leaving around 5am, we arrived back at my place for more fun. I will leave out the juicy details until another time, but it did involve a couple more male guests, some gender-bending and, of course, my long-awaited orgasm. Was it worth the wait? Hell yeah…and I can’t wait for my next night out on the tiles…

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