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I loved feeling Jenna’s “breasts” with their hard nipples but couldn’t resist slipping my hand under her skirt and fondling what lay inside her silky panties,

It really didn’t matter who walked into my hotel room that evening. It was who walked out of the bathroom half an hour later that mattered. Resplendent in a turquoise satin blouse and black leather skirt, Jenna strolled confidently into the bedroom in her thigh-length stiletto-heeled studded Fernando Berlin boots, bespoke for her apparently. Her brunette bobbed wig framed her face perfectly, while makeup subtly emphasised her eyes and lips. It was not just a different look, but a different personality from the person that had come through my hotel room door earlier, as if the bathroom was a portal to and other dimension. Jenna was vibrant as she proudly told me about her passion for long, high-heeled boots…which was great to hear about as I wore my own to match hers…

We sat down on the bed together and compared boots…actually I had pretty much decided instantly that I too needed a pair of made-to-measure Fernando Berlins in my life! We stroked the soft leather of each other’s high-end footwear and started to get a little more intimate with one another. We began to kiss, beautiful kisses that were wildly feminine. Being tactile people, we spent a long time running our hands over each other’s clothed bodies. I loved feeling Jenna’s “breasts” with their hard nipples but couldn’t resist slipping my hand under her skirt and fondling what lay inside her silky panties, which were getting wetter by the moment. Likewise, Jenna caressed my nylon-clad thighs and slowly worked her way up to the mound that lay inside my knickers. She began to unbutton my blouse to find my hard nipples under my bra.

Now things were getting much hotter with skirts riding up, blouses unfastened, kissing getting more frenzied as lips explored breasts and moans got more intense. Touching each other through our panties was driving us crazy with lust. Jenna was eager to please and, having worked her way down my body teasingly with her tongue, she began to lick my clit in exactly the same way women lick another women. I call this technique “lesbian long licks” but this was the first time I’d experience them with a cross dresser. Using the full length of her tongue on my clit to slowly edge me was more than I could take…I came hard, grinding against Jenna’s face as I shuddered to a juicy climax.

Jenna deserved a nice reward for taking me to such orgasmic heights with her skilled feminine tongue. I knew that she loved to be fucked with a strap-on, so I immediately grabbed my harness complete with its 8-inch phallus, bending Jenna over with her boots still on and skirt hitched up with knickers pulled down. With a little gentle fingering to warm her up, I slid my strap-on dick into her hole and gave her some long, slow strokes, just like her licks! While I fucked her I played with her cock and thrust faster and faster as I rubbed it. Jenna squealed with delight as thrust and stroked, and I kept those cries coming until she finally exploded, just as my thrusts had peaked.

Jenna went back to the bathroom and changed back into her alter ego, a lovely chap…but I did wonder whether he could lick just like Jenna did…

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