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The Nurse at St Josephine’s

He was back again for a new term. The elite boarding school for sixth form girls had been closed since Christmas due to government COVID regulations, just like any school, but it was about to reopen and James, just like any other teacher at the school, has been sent to the school nurse for his health MOT.

One of the secretarial members of staff sent him to the shower to make sure he was clean and gleaming ready for health assessment. Nurse Phoenix arrived in the surgery room as James hosed himself down, taking care to attend to his most intimate parts, knowing they would be under close scrutiny. A disembodied voice sailed into the shower room, “Hello James, Nurse Phoenix here. Make sure you shower properly. A lot of people don’t realise there’s right way and wrong way to shower.”

“Erm...I-I didn’t actually realise that,” stammered James.

“Let me come in and demonstrate.”

James had not met Nurse Phoenix before but and was trying to picture what the voice might look like, but when a vision in white walked in while he was mid-shower, his body acted appropriately inappropriately. Nurse Phoenix wore a white coat, bulging where her ample breasts were, ending mid-thigh length under which white fully fashioned stockings were clearly visible. She wore a pair of very high-heeled white stilettos on her feet, and pearl earrings and a matching necklace completed the look. James’ erection told her that he thought she looked sensational, but the trained professional that she was had a job to do.

“You need to use the anti-bacterial shower gel and rub it into each area of the body for at least fifteen seconds,” she said, demonstrating the action on James’ chest. He grew ever harder as she rubbed the soapy suds in and they dripped down his body onto his cock. Nurse Phoenix was clearly not perturbed by intimate parts of the body. “Like this,” she said as she rubbed his cock and it responded with a clear twitch. “Now you must ensure that you rinse properly too.” She sprayed warm water over him in a manner that was slightly sensual and almost teasing.

“Good, it’s essential that we maintain these exemplary standards of hygiene as we enter this new term at St Josephine’s.” Nurse Phoenix beckoned James out of the bath and wrapped him in a towel. James finished off drying his body, barely disguising his blatant erection with the towel, and followed Phoenix into the surgery room. There was an array of what looked like medical items at first glance on a table next to the consultation chair, which James sat himself down on. However, on closer inspection he realised that these were too brightly coloured and softly shaped to be medical items. James tried not to react to obviously when it dawned on him what they actually were. They were sex toys.

“With term about to start I need to test your sensitivity to these various items. The school will be filling up with female members of staff, and as you are still the only male teacher, you must learn the art of self-discipline. I saw how you reacted to my presence with a rather big erection. This will not go down well (pardon the pun) once term begins. You need to be milked of your cum regularly so that your sexual urges are less obvious to your colleagues,” announced Nurse Phoenix.

James was agreeable to Nurse Phoenix’s suggestion (though perhaps it was more of an order than a suggestion...), as she picked the first item from the table, a cock ring. She placed the metal ring around James’s now semi-hard cock and balls. It wasn’t long until it started bulging hard, making his genitals tauter than before. “This will ensure your erection is as strong as possible and prevent you from cumming too quickly. I want to edge you for as long as possible for an optimum milking session.” Next Phoenix snapped on a pair of black latex gloves and began to probe inside James’ ass with a lubed finger, before inserting a small prostate massager butt plug inside him. “Further stimulation for you James. Your cum must be of the highest quality.” Phoenix then produced a massage wand, which she began to apply to his cock, balls and perineum, at times holding it against the tip until James shuddered. She teased him, all the while getting closer and closer to him.

“Do you like white fully fashioned stockings James?” asked Nurse Phoenix. James replied that he did. “Go on and stroke them.”

Practically no sooner had James started caressing the silky material of her stockings that Phoenix began to climb onto the chair, straddling James with her white coat hitched up high. Although she was still using the wand on his cock, her pussy was barely a few inches away. He hadn’t seen it on the table, but Phoenix conjured up a condom seemingly from thin air and slipped it on his ragingly hard dick.

“The best way to finish an edging and milking session is with you finishing off inside me,” and before James had time to object, Phoenix had slid her lovely tight pussy onto his cock and was gyrating hard, so hard James feared the chair would break. He felt the cum rising in his balls as Phoenix ground into him while pulling hard on his nipples. “Cum for me James, cum now.” James only needed to be told once before bursting forth a torrent of cum inside the highly-sexed Nurse. “Well done James.”

After putting on his clothes again, Nurse Phoenix again congratulated him on his cum production, and did concede that this process would normally be done manually rather than vaginally. “You see, I’ve been in this school practically alone with only a handful of female staff, and I’ve been aching to have a male member inside me.”

“I’m happy to assist Nurse Phoenix. Have I passed my Health MOT then?”

“Yes, but I’m going to need you back here every week for milking sessions. You are a very virile man after all James.”

James trotted off to the staff room, ready to meet the other teachers for the new term with a sense of lightness due to the emptied balls...and a sense of excitement that this procedure was to become a regular occurrence.


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