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The Man Who Didn’t Measure Up

“Both of us being size queens, your cock needs to be at least eight inches in order for you to be worthy enough to fuck us.”

Tim came in from the shower into my Lair wearing a towel around his waist. “So you didn’t fancy presenting your naked self to me? Why ever not? It’s as if you have something to hide!” I giggled.

“Mistress, I’m afraid I do have something to hide. I feared that I would disappoint you, so I’ve done something that I’m sure you’d approve of…”

“Stop waffling and drop the towel Tim!”

The towel promptly dropped to the floor to reveal…a metal chastity cage on his cock. He handed me the key, which I put in a “safe place” in my Lair while he closed his eyes.

I was proud of the fact that he had been brave enough to wear his cage through airport security that very morning, as he had flown in from Europe to session with me that day. But the cage could only mean one thing: he was disguising a cock too small to impress a size queen like me.

“I have a real treat for you today Tim,” I told him excitedly. “Since you’ve come from so far away, you deserve something special in our session. That’s why my girlfriend Lilly will be joining us now!”

I opened my Lair door to allow Lilly in, and in she came. What a force to be reckoned with we were! Two hotel blondes in black latex: me in a catsuit and ankle boots, while Lilly wore latex lingerie and Loubs. I noticed that Tom’s cock was straining on the bars of his cage even more than before!

“So here’s the treat then Tim…Lilly and I will both fuck you!” Tim could barely contain his excitement, most evident inside his cock cage. “However, there is a caveat,” I warned, my face turning serious. “Both of us being size queens, your cock needs to be at least eight inches in order for you to be worthy enough to fuck us.”

Tim all of a sudden looked crestfallen. Could it be that he already knew that his treat was null and void, and that he would be denied today? I was not giving up though. Lilly and I needed concrete proof, so it was time to let him out of his cage for a humiliating measuring ceremony.

In my Lair I have a wooden yard-long measuring stick (inches only!), which I normally use for punishing naughty bottoms. But on this occasion, it would be put to use for its original intended purpose. However, Tim need to come out of his chastity cage so that we could see exactly what we were dealing with. As intimidating as this whole process was. Tim remained hard as can be inside the cage. I retrieved the key and slotted it into the small padlock. I turned it, and the lock sprung open. Out came Tim’s cock. Lilly and I looked at each other and shook our heads slowly.

Even though our initial impressions were that Tim would fall hopelessly short of the required eight inches, we would still give him the benefit of the doubt with the measuring ceremony. It also helped that Tim confirmed that his cock was now as hard as it got, therefore at its full potential. So we knew that the measuring would be doing him full justice.

Lilly held the end of the ruler to the base of his cock and held it against his very erecting cock. I began the count, “One….two…three…” Tim was nervously anticipating the result while drooling a copious amount of pre-cum. Did he think he had a chance?

“Four….” The disdain on my face was starting to show.


The downward intonation of this word indicated to Tim that it was the final inch, and had fallen short of the required eight inch by a whole three inches!

“I’m afraid Tim, that you have let down Lilly and I today, and we won’t be fucking you as planned. However, since you’re going out in London tonight and might be meeting girls in clubs, we think it’s only right that you should be milked of all your cum in order not to disappoint anyone you might take back to your hotel tonight. Imagine a poor girl’s dismay when she gets into bed with that meagre offering!”

We tied him to our bed, put a cock ring on his rigid dick, and I produced a fine piece of kit to help induce a glorious orgasm: a fleshlight. This unfortunately inadequate man may not have sized up enough to fuck two stunning blonde ladies, but at least he would get the pleasure of putting his dick inside a fake plastic vagina, which was all he deserved, and would ultimately keep the ladies of London safe from the disappointment of this minuscule micro-penis for tonight…


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