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The JOI of Orgasms...and Custard Pies!

so took on the role of an unscrupulous hypnotherapist who took advantage of her patients in alarming ways just to have them under her power.

I had a wild and wicked time over the couple of weeks I spent in Scotland recently, meeting lots of Scottish kinksters. Amongst the meetings I had were epic tantric sessions with explosive lingham massages, transformations with newbie cross dressers who needed a helping hand with getting into their outfits and makeup, and fisting sessions with more experienced (and sluttier!) cross dressers. There was so much roleplay that I felt I’d taken on about 20 different parts before I got back to London.

But one of the most memorable sessions involved a gentleman who had a fetish for (amongst a few others!) having custard pies thrown at him.

Paul arrived at my hotel room straight after work, and emerged from the shower with some paper plates and shaving foam. I instructed him to leave these in the bathroom as they may come in handy later. Right now, we were going to focus on some other important elements of our meeting.

Paul wanted to be controlled, so took on the role of an unscrupulous hypnotherapist who took advantage of her patients in alarming ways just to have them under her power. After putting Paul in a deep trance, the mind games began!

I enjoyed making Paul do activities that were out of his comfort zone, which he’d never do of his own volition, like licking my boots, being my personal footstool and squealing like a little piggy. I even got him to order me a new purple latex dress online that I’d had my eye on for a while. He was completely under my spell, and unable to do anything but submit to me!

But it wasn’t just his actions that were controlled by me but his whole body and its functions! Even his orgasms were mine. So we played a little game. I would permit Paul to cum, as long as he did so on the count of fifty. If he came earlier, he would have to eat his own cum, and if he failed to cum, I would send him home with blue balls. I asked Paul if he thought he would be adept at following my instructions, but he wasn’t sure! And when I began, counting from one to ten extremely fast then suddenly slowing right down for eleven to twenty, Paul realised this was not going to be that easy!

I absolutely adore giving the headfuck that JOI gives, seeing my clients’ facial expressions change as I change the pace of my counting, one moment suppressing the sexual thoughts and then suddenly bringing them on. When we reached forty, it was really time to turn on the mental pressure.

But Paul was not able to cum on the count of 50! He clearly needed more instruction. But before I sent him home with his tail very firmly between his legs, I summoned him to the bathroom, where I threw three custard pies in his face, one after the other!

Paul’s hard-on was practically breaking through his trousers as he put his clothes on again, stained very visibly with pre-cum! I put a last humiliating custard pie down the back of his trousers before he left. He was instructed not to masturbate that evening....I do hope you didn't Paul, or the custard pies might become a bit more public next time...


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