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The Governess’s First Lesson

I was hired by a very affluent family on an exceptionally high salary to teach a young man some private lessons, coaching him in essay-writing and study skills ahead of his university entry exams this spring. As soon as I set eyes on him, I knew how it all would end. He was slightly less than my height in heels, muscular, and very keen to impress indeed. His parents had obviously pressed him to be an avid scholar…but he had to learn that studying with me, his Governess, was not simply about being studious. There were rules to obey to get best out of this lad. And I was about to set them out on my first day at Chisholm Manor, dressed in my finest outfit to make a big first impression.

I was wearing a shiny black satin blouse with a just-above-knee black leather skirt, a black leather waspie cinching in my waist to emphasise my hourglass figure. Fully-fashioned seamed nylon stockings adorned my lovely legs (in black again) while my feet were in my favourite pair of Louboutin So Kates, soles red and perfectly intact. I don’t need to tell you what colour they were, although as a concession to this dark, imposing look, I was wearing large pearl earrings and a creamy pearl necklace, which enhanced my décolletage beautifully. The reason my décolletage could be seen was that I had unfastened the first three buttons on my blouse so that my ample cleavage was visible to my student. My shoulder-length fell onto my shoulders in waves. I could see already that my new student was taking his time soaking in the sight of his Governess.

“To reach your highest potential young man, you need to understand that sacrifices must be made. I know that gentlemen of your age are accustomed to relieving their frustrations through masturbation. But this is something you must eschew in order to be the best possible student. You must also learn the art of focus, and stop being distracted by whatever’s going on in your world. All that ultimately matters is me, your Governess.”

The young man nodded eagerly as I demonstrated to him what I meant about using his powers of concentration to the fullest. “I want you to focus on my silky satin blouse now, and study the way that it clings to my large breasts, and the way that my pearls enhance the depth of my cleavage…so spellbinding!” I stroked my hands provocatively over my body as I continued this journey of focus with my student.

“I want you to focus on this corset, and see the way it emphasises my hourglass figure…utterly mesmerising!” Now my student was practically drooling…

“I want you to focus on my shiny leather skirt,” I spoke hypnotically as I turned around and knelt over a chair to show my gorgeous toned behind. “See my suspender straps through the leather of my skirt, and see how enticing they are…” I definitely had the full attention of my student, who now had a visible erection in his trousers.

“I want you to focus on my sheer nylon stockings, and slowly follow those alluring seams all the way down to those decadent heels…” His eyes glided down to my feet as I dangled one of my heels on the tips of my toes, a delicate balancing act. I then guided his focus all the way up my legs to the tops of my thighs, where I had hitched up my skirt to reveal my stocking tops.

“If you want to be the best possible student, you need to cease all masturbation in future unless expressly permitted by me. Your cock, balls, erections and orgasms all belong to me from now on. But you will now worship at my temple.” I pulled my panties to the side to reveal my beautiful mound, my perfectly shaven pussy, glistening with wetness. “You will worship me at least three times a day, at my command. This will ensure that your concentration remains as powerful as possible. You will not touch it this time, but next time it will be your turn to pleasure me.”

The bulge in his pants started to reveal a prominent wet patch as my student started to ooze with precum! As I watched, I played with my wet pussy, my fingers dancing all over my swollen clitoris, driving me to orgasm in an instant. I moaned and shuddered as I came, but not audibly enough to be heard by his parents, who were in another wing of Chisholm Manor at that time.

“That was lesson one, young man. Lesson two will be more ‘hands on’. You have done very well this time, but I do expect more from you next time.” My student was dismissed for his lunch break, though I fully expected to be on his mind throughout…and very curious about what lesson two might involve…


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