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The Cuckold's Concession

He came to my sex therapy clinic hoping for change: to improve his marriage, which had sadly gone very stale very quickly after their recent nuptials. The main reason for this abrupt downturn in his relationship was simple. It was down to Sean’s under-performance in the bedroom, which had led his poor sex-starved but very attractive wife Sara (a close friend of mine) to send him my way for treatment.

I could see how downtrodden Sean was when he entered my therapy room. He could barely look me in the eye…though that might have been because he couldn’t take his eyes off my black suede Casadei Blades which housed my petite size 5 feet, which were bare inside my gorgeous heels. I saw him undressing me with his eyes as I got him to explain to me what had gone wrong in his marriage. The pathetic loser must really have been sexually frustrated!

“Take off your clothes now,” I commanded. Sean knew that therapeutic practices were unconventional in my clinic, but the speed at which he submissively obeyed my order was quite extraordinary! It was my turn to look him up and down now and scrutinise his naked form, but with a wry smile in my case. “No wonder your wife is so disappointed,” I said before slapping him hard on the face. “You’re a limp-dick loser with nothing to offer!” Sean was in no way offended by my brutal home truth, instead appearing to accept my surmise of him.

“Your wife deserves much than you, doesn’t she?”

He reluctantly nodded in agreement.

“She deserves big, hard, throbbing erect cock every night, doesn’t she?”

“Yes Miss,” he now vocalised.

“And you can’t possibly offer her that, can you?” I spat venomously.

“No Miss.”

“So…you must accept your fate as your wife’s pathetic cuckold. What are you?”

“My wife’s pathetic cuckold Miss,” he responded dejectedly.

“Now we’re getting closer to a solution! Very good,” I taunted bitchily. “So, in your new capacity as your wife’s cuckold, you will have to not only endure the thought of your wife being fucked by a well-endowed Bull…not only will you have to WATCH your wife being fucked by a well-endowed Bull…”

“Oh no, Miss, really? Will I have to watch? I don’t know if I could…”

“That’s the thing poor cucky, what you want is no longer relevant. It’s all about your wife’s urges and desires now. And I know that she will not just enjoy being watched by you as she gets pounded by a Bull with a huge dick, but she will also enjoy seeing you suck on her Bull’s dick…both before she fucks him to prepare him for their sensational sex session, but also afterwards to clean his cock of your wife’s copious juices. Accept your fate, cucky!”

Sean was so utterly crushed but completely dedicated to saving his marriage, so again, the crestfallen cuckold agreed.

“Good cucky. I might have something in my drawer here to give you some practice on.” I whipped out a 10-inch strap-on dildo and attached it to a leather harness that I fastened around my waist. “On your knees, cucky. You know that’s where you belong!”

He immediately dropped to his knees and began to suck hungrily on my cock, as if he was destined for this role forever more!

“Don’t look so desperate, cucky! Start slowly, kissing and licking the tip. Worship that cock just like you’d worship your wife!”

His licking and sucking duly slowed down and became more sensuous, as I gradually picked up the pace by holding the back of his head until I was throat-fucking him…which he was surprisingly good at! What satisfaction it was bringing me to see him drool and gag on my huge cock as it hit the back of his throat. I could only imagine how his wife would feel seeing such a spectacle with her Bull’s cock instead. Pure delight and amusement I expect!

“We seem to have discovered your special talent, cucky” I praised Sean sarcastically. “You now need to realise that you will never fuck your wife again or take any pleasure from pleasing her. She will be able to gain enjoyment from your tongue so that her breasts, ass and pussy can be worshipped, stimulated and pleasured, but you will gain none. You are simply there as a pleasure giving device.”

“Yes Miss,” said Sean somewhat enthusiastically now that he had accepted his position wholeheartedly.

“However, there is one concession to give you that your wife will grant. You will be able to gain pleasure from her feet…and her feet alone.”

“Okay Miss, I can accept being a lowly cuckolded foot slave to my beautiful cuckoldress wife!”

I slipped out of my heels and goaded Sean, “Let’s have a practice round right now.” I wrapped my soft petite soles around his pathetic loser cock and rubbed them up and down the shaft until his eyes rolled back in long self-denied pleasure. I stroked the tip of his cock with my toes, teasing and tantalising him as the cum started to rise from his balls. I edged him for as long as he could take with every part of my pretty feet until he could take no more and sprayed cum profusely all over them.

I looked him in the eye after his profound relief finally came. “You’re ready for your role now Sean…but make sure you lick all that cum from my gorgeous feet first.” He did…and he was ready.


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