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The Chief Interrogator’s secret weapon

I hauled him into my Lair hooded and handcuffed, manhandled and manacled. I released the cuffs only to pin his wrists aloft and tied them securely to my St Andrew’s Cross, along with his waist and ankles. He was already naked and vulnerable. I took off the hood so he could see my menacing presence. Dressed in my black leather dress, trench-coat, boots, hat and gloves, I looked even more of an intimidating force.

“You know why you’re here,” I asserted in the affirmative.

“No…I have absolutely no idea! Please let me go, you freak!”

I slapped him hard across the face and my gloved-hand stung hard.

“You’ll regret that soon enough!” I snarled. “You know what I want. It’s all over the papers this weekend while you’ve clearly had your head in the sand. The WhatsApp messages. You know the location of Boris’s phone, so tell me it now and your ordeal will be all over.”

“I don’t know Boris, his phone or about any messages!” my victim pleaded.

I disappeared then quickly emerged with a nasty pair of nipple clamps. “These might help you have a change of heart,” I said encouragingly.

After pumping up my interrogation subject’s nipples with a pair of suction cups, I was ready to exert some torment onto them. It soon became apparent to him why I held the position of Chief Interrogator. My merciless ways and sadistic tendencies had no boundaries. I put the clamps on and just sat in front of him with my arms folded, waiting for a reaction. There were some mild groans, but nothing more. I left them on until it became clear that I needed something more gruesome. A pair of spiked clover clamps and some chopstick clamps were applied in succession. Still I had no answers. Well, I had to go with what I had: my own fair hands.

I twisted, I tweaked, I pulled, I pinched, I clawed, I clinched…at last some yelps from my subject, which made me smile…and get a little wet too! But still he would not disclose the location I wanted…and still denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of Boris’s phone. Yet there was a copious amount of precum on the floor between his legs! I would have to resort to even more severe measures to break him.

His cock and balls were tied up tightly to create an easier target with a larger surface area, so it was their turn to feel the pain. A warm-up with mini-flogger made him wince at least, but the ball crusher I used on him next certainly started getting him to crumble. I added weights to a parachute, I electrified his cock, I sounded him…each tormenting method chipping away at his resolve bit by bit.

But it wasn’t any of these tactics that completely broke him in the end. His cock was still hard and throbbing after all of that pain, and he’d been on the edge for so long now. There was now a puddle of precum on the floor. His cock twitched and strained…and he begged me for a release. This was my secret weapon: to make him so desperate for an orgasm that he would finally break and tell me everything I needed to know.

“Pleeeeeaaase! I beg you with every bone in my body to let me cum!” His balls must have been aching incomprehensibly by now.

“No! I need to know where Boris’s phone is. Give me a location and you can cum.”

“I don’t know where it is! I have absolutely no idea at all! Why are you doing this to me?!”

He was at breaking point, and I just knew that I only needed to stroke the tip of his cock gently a couple of times to increase the level of the tease to excruciating levels. And so I did, with my leather-gloved hand. He could take no more.


“Say it, bitch! It’s so easy to end this all!”

“I CAN’T TAKE IT!!! Okay, okay, okay. It’s buried under a rhododendron bush near the Albert Memorial in Hyde Park. I can give you the exact coordinates…just please! Let me cum! I need it so bad!”

I chuckled to myself, “Ha, yes, well. We knew that all along! But I just wanted to see you beg…”

At that point, my subject did not even care. He just wanted my hand around his cock to the most explosive orgasm he’d ever had, cum shooting everywhere, creating a river all over his body to complement the puddle on the floor. I watched him, ready to release him and basked in the power of my role as Chief Interrogator.


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