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The Best Bits of Being Bi

As I’ve mentioned before, it is particularly delightful when I get a message from a female client regarding a couples’ booking. Ladies have a different way of doing business and setting up meetings that’s quite different and refreshing from the way men do it. I knew from the very first interaction that this was going to go exceptionally well, especially because it was the woman driving this rather than the man.

As it happened, when I met Laura and Michael both for a glass of Prosecco in my hotel, they both seemed utterly charming and easygoing. We clicked immediately as we chatted about fetish clubs and how they wanted to go to one. Having been a fetish clubber for 15 years, I told them that they were naturals and would love it! I gave them plenty of recommendations based on their tastes (though it is a great pity they won’t be engaging in that for at least a couple of months now!).

After one drink we made our way upstairs to the suite I had booked for this encounter. They were both PVC lovers, so we all needed to slip into something a tad more shiny. I had got myself a slinky short black keyhole dress with a silver buckle at the neck for the occasion. Laura, a petite blonde, put on a similar little dress to mine, with a zip down the front, while Michael wore black PVC trousers and a mesh vest. They both looked hot, and I was ready to jump into their world as they had into mine!

Before we got down to business and into the bedroom though we shared some more anecdotes, particularly about being bisexual women. Laura came from a provincial Home Counties town where she had come out about her sexuality to a small number of friends, but had largely been met with bewilderment or lack of understanding. This made me feel so grateful to be in the circumstances I am in, with a large group of sexually-liberated non-judgmental friends. I realised I had taken this privilege for granted and am lucky to be able to be an active openly bi woman.

Anyway. Then the fun began. And boy, did it begin with a bang! Michael started as a voyeur and sat down in a chair while I led Laura to the bed and unzipped her dress from the neck downwards, slowly and softly caressing every inch of her as I progressed down her body. I peeled off her bra and sucked on her hard nipples while Michael watched and stroked his hard cock which protruded from his flies. I teased Laura with my tongue around her stomach and inner thighs. I could sense the excitement rising in the room as I slipped her panties off, and explored her pussy first with my fingers and then with my tongue. She had such a neat little pussy that I had to delve into her to part those pretty lips and lick her clitoris. I flicked my tongue over that little hotspot for what didn’t seem very long (although I was way lost in the pussy zone!) before she started getting really juicy and came. So deliciously sensual, Michael was loving the show he was being treated to!

Laura wanted to return the favour and how could I stand in her way! I love the way women perform cunnilingus, it’s so essentially different from the way men do it (though I love that too!). I call the way women do it “long lesbian licks”...they seem to use more of the length of their tongue in the process of pussy licking. Laura did the same and I was in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy pretty quickly.

One of the things that I loved about this couple was that there was no stopping for a break after orgasms, no post-coital hiatus, it was just straight onto the next act! I called them “horny little sex bunnies” as they were relentless! So as soon as I had came, it was Michael’s turn. We treated him to a dual blow-job, sucking him off in turn them together. I then invited Laura to partake in some “Eiffel Towering” with me as Michael lay on the bed, I sat on his face, and Laura fucked him, while Laura and I faced each other, kissing and playing with each other’s tits.

After all three of us came pretty much simultaneously in that position, again there was no lull in the action, but out came the toys! Laura has a “strap on” that she held internally. Therefore when she used it, both of us would receive pleasure. I can confirm that that was the case, and I enjoyed getting a good fucking from behind while I sucked Michael’s cock. Michael then got to fuck both of us in turn, dipping in and out of us until we got one final pounding.

The whole evening lasted for three hours and there were ten collective orgasms. And three big smiles as we finally said goodbye to each other. I will never be so blasé about being bisexual again. I am very lucky to be able to have woman-to-woman experiences so often in my life and largely have it celebrated rather than judged.


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