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Sex Therapy Part One

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Dr Phoenix welcomed a new client into her consultation room this week. Charles had a fixation with nylons that was taking over his life and meaning he was losing focus in his work and home life. Dr Phoenix expected that there was more to this obsession than met the eye though...

I invited Charles to sit down in a leather chair opposite me. He was dressed in a smart business suit. I was wearing a black lace blouse, leather pencil skirt, black shiny heels and, of course, fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings...and I intended to use them! I queried Charles about the extent of his obsession and how it started. He told me it had begun in the early days his working life, when his first boss had flirted with him relentlessly despite him having a girlfriend, and had been quite sexually aggressive. He had found this a turn-on, despite his frequent rebuffals of her advances. She happened to wear fully fashioned stockings, and hadn’t been shy about flaunting them in front of him.

The telling of this story was a cue for me to start rubbing my bestockinged legs together, making that fantastic sound from the friction created by two nylon-clad legs. Charles shuddered. The immersion therapy had begun!

“Charles, the email that you sent me prior to our meeting mentioned that you have a fascination with....cock. I’m sure that you have already noticed the slight bulge in the top of my skirt.” I stroked the protruding bump in my panties that of course Charles had seen. He was now in a very weak, submissive state in which he could be either open to curing...or vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

I hitched up my leather pencil skirt, at first revealing my stocking tops and eight-strap suspender belt, then a little higher to show my panties, filled to the brim with my six inch strap on dick. “You appear very aroused Charles. Why don’t you come here and kneel in front of me? To give it a little suck. Remember that if you embrace these acts during your therapy session, they will bother you less in the “real world””.

Charles didn’t need asking a second time, and planted himself at my feet, mouth open and ready to take my cock. I slid it gently into his eager mouth and he certainly did embrace the experience! Soon I was fucking his mouth while taking his head in my hands, drawing him towards me then easing him away. Charles was undoubtedly very hungry for cock! When I saw him take my strap on right down to the hilt, I realised that he had real cock-sucking skills and could deep throat like a seasoned cock whore.

But I had other ideas about how this would progress, and the nylons obsession just had to be dealt with before it became a bigger issue. “Now I know what a cock-slut you are, I want you to get your own cock out.” Charles obediently dropped his trousers and pants to reveal a sizeable erection. “Here,” I said, tossing him a pair of my own used nylon fully fashioned stockings, “Wrap these around your cock and show me how much you adore nylons.” Charles swiftly looped the stocking lengths around his hard dick. Lovingly, he began to wank himself with the stockings, the lengths draped multiple times around his hard cock as he slip them up and down the shaft of his cock. I watched as he masturbated with the stockings and instructed him upon his technique. With this progress during the session, I was certain we would make a breakthrough. Charles was about to make his now, as I guided him to an explosive orgasm that left my fully fashioned covered in his cum! He moaned loudly as he spurted his last, making a big hot mess on my nylons.

I asked Charles how he felt, and he replied that it was the best he’d felt in a while, that sudden sense of guilt-free release under the instruction of a trained and experienced therapist. Though he went away feeling “cured”, I am pretty sure Charles will be back for more...


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