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Patient Pete's Perversion Therapy

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

It was no surprise at all to Dr Phoenix that Patient Pete had returned to her practice in the hope of alleviating the torment that his constant deviant thoughts had been bringing him. The initial days after his last visit to the clinic had been so successful. He'd felt calmer, more settled, even euphoric! But every day that had gone by since then had brought an escalating sense of unease that his perversion was coming back to him, bit by bit. Patient Pete just couldn't take anymore, and he simply had to ask Dr Phoenix to make them disappear, whatever it took.

Dr Phoenix greeted Patient Pete warmly as he stepped into her surgery. This time, her assistant Dean was there right from the start. Pete had a strange sense of deja vu about the situation, but nothing stronger than a funny feeling. But that feeling was about to get funnier as Dr Phoenix seated him in a comfortable chair in front of her as she began to swing a watch in front of him.

“Follow the watch and start to feel sleepy...feel an immense sense of calm encompassing your body and mind as you begin to fall deeper...deeper...deeper into a hypnotic trance.” Pete's eyelids started drooping and then, as Dr Phoenix clicked her fingers, he was under. Under her spell, under her power and under her control.

“You have no free will...your mind and body belongs to are completely mine and will do exactly as I is all for your own good Pete...this will all lead to you being a better person...all your terrible thoughts will just melt away.”

Dr Phoenix snapped her fingers at Dean, and he brought over a pile of neatly folded items of lingerie and hosiery to Pete. “You will undress now...and you will put on these garments instead...a pair of seamed stockings, a satin suspender belt and some slutty crotchless knickers...put them on Pete...and feel wonderful inside them.” Pete did exactly as Dr Phoenix instructed. He was still in a hypnotic trance but had a gleeful look about him as he slipped into the ladies' underwear...and Dr Phoenix thought he rather suited it too.

Pete was guided out of the trance step by step as Dr Phoenix planted the idea in his head that he would feel absolutely natural in the silky lingerie and stockings. Before she brought him out, she whispered in his ear exactly what his secret desires were and how he was to express these. She counted down from 10 to 1, and on the count of 1 he was with them again, looking refreshed and at ease with his surroundings, his company and indeed, his attire.

“Good to see you looking so content after the hypnosis Pete! Now there is some post-hypnotic therapy to be done. Dean and I are here to help. After all, therapy is our lives, and we'll both do anything we can in the name of therapy. In fact Pete, I'm sure you won't at all be shocked if I tell you that Assistant Dean enjoys having his cock sucked by either male or female patients. Not just penetrating them other ways too.” Patient Pete was clearly aroused by Dr Phoenix's words...but would he be aroused by Dean's actions? Dean's 10” erection was hovering near Pete's face and he looked keen to have it close to his lips. “Go on Pete. Don't be afraid. Take Dean's cock in your mouth and begin to suck on it.” Pete tentatively put the tip in his mouth but then started enthusiastically deep throating it, beyond what Dr Phoenix could have imagined. She was very impressed and observed the throat-fucking while touching herself a little, hitching up her skirt and slipping a hand inside her satin knickers. She was very wet at this spectacle.

“Let's continue with a gentle relaxing massage Dean,” Dr Phoenix ordered. Dean walked Pete over to a chaise longue, where he began to work on Pete's back, rubbing oil into him as he went along. Pete was enjoying being immersed in this very relaxing experience as Dr Phoenix whispered in Dean's ear and told him to focus on Pete's butthole. Dean began to slide a lubed finger inside as Dr Phoenix put her black shiny latex gloves on, and joined him too. “Don't be perturbed Pete. We both need to finger your butthole to prepare you for what comes next. It's going to be bigger and harder than two fingers, so it's only right that we get you ready correctly.” Pete was compliant with Dr Phoenix's instructions, as expected.

“Okay, stay where you are now and I'll bring my wet pussy right over to your lips, and I want you to lick me Pete. I want you to lick me to the brink of orgasm. And when I'm almost there, you're going to stop. You're going to stop as you're going to watch Dean fuck me.” Dr Phoenix's words turned Pete on even more. His tongue rolled eagerly all over Dr Phoenix's clit, which was already horny and engorged. Her juices were abundant as he licked almost to orgasm...but not quite.

“Fuck me Dean. Fuck me now,” Dr Phoenix commanded, as Dean came up behind her and slid his splendid dick inside. Pete was overawed and frozen to the chaise longue. He could do nothing but watch as the handsome assistant fucked the beautiful doctor in a way he'd longed to do it. She came almost instantly as he was inside her, every subsequent thrust making her moan louder until she'd had climax after climax. “Your turn to suck again Pete,” she said more calmly, as Dean withdrew his pussy juice-soaked cock and shoved it into Pete's mouth. To taste Dr Phoenix on his hard dick was delicious and sensual. He could hardly get enough of her love liquid as he sucked every bit off.

“I still think we have one remaining act left in order to ensure Patient Pete leaves the clinic without a deviant thought in his wandering mind,” Dr Phoenix said knowingly. “We prepared your butthole earlier. Now you're going to take Dean's cock in it.” Pete obligingly assumed an on-hands-and-knees position as Dean slid his substantial manhood inside his well-lubed hole. Pete didn't flinch an inch as Dean began to fuck him, gently at first, pushing in and then withdrawing his dick with long strokes, then harder and deeper. Even though Pete was well out of his hypnotic trance now, he still wanted cock, in whatever hole he could take it in. He was the slutty plaything Dr Phoenix knew he was all along. As Dean came to a final climax, the doctor of dreams was wanking Pete to a simultaneous finale. Both Pete and Dean came hard, Dean into Pete's butt as Pete climaxed into Dr Phoenix's gloved hand. “Now get dressed both of you.”

Pete emerged from behind a screen fully clothed in the suit he'd been wearing beforehand. He sat at a chair in front of Dr Phoenix's desk.

“How are you feeling after today's treatment?” she enquired.

“Quite serene, Dr Phoenix. Thank you for today's session, my mind seems very clear. I'm sure it will be the beginning of a new me. An even better me!”

Dr Phoenix and Assistant Dean walked Patient Pete to the door, in the full knowledge that he would grace them with his presence at a point in the not-too-distant-future, such was the potency of his powerful perverted ruminations...


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