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Our Naughty Little Secret

He arrived at my place in the City of London during his lunch hour. He worked in banking and had a dirty little secret to share with me that couldn’t be shared with his colleagues. For when I started to kiss him and undress him, slowly, as our breathing started to sync, I would soon discover this hidden secret. As I pushed him against the wall and kissed him even more deeply, I peeled off his shirt and pulled his trousers down.

The nicest surprise awaited me under his work clothes...he was wearing a pair of black satin knickers, black frilly suspender belt and black sheer lace-topped stockings. “Very fetching!” I commented, “And the best thing about this is that you’ve been wearing these all morning in the office thinking about visiting me, with none of your workmates having the slightest idea about your clandestine lingerie fetish!”

With that, I pushed him down onto the bed and pinned his wrists down. He did not struggle at all though while I fondled his cock through the silky panties.

From that point on, things became more sensual, tantric even, as I took his cock in my hand and slipped them out of his knickers. With one hand I stroked his bestockinged legs, and with the other I gently guided him into ecstasy, delivering the most seductive lingham massage I had up my sleeve. I gave his cock a few teasing licks here and there while I edged him all the way through his lunch hour, with one hand wrapped around his cock, and the other undressing myself, touching his nipples, and gently cupping his balls. Like every tantric hand job I give, it ended extremely happily and crescendoed to an explosive finale.

What a way to go back to work. I did insist on him keeping the lingerie on for the rest of the day too...and I imagine he had to relieve himself at the end of the day too...


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