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Now That's What I Call A Party!

...flashes of stocking tops beneath the dinning table was certainly whetting their appetites for more than just dinner.

My cab drove up to the doorstep of the large stone building, the gravel crunching as it ground to a halt. I stepped out of the car in my leather trench-coat, leather leggings and knee-length boots, which were just the right attire for this time, at the height of autumn in the middle of Scotland.

The driver carried my suitcase as my heels click-clacked on the steps up to the front door. I pushed the doorbell, but it was almost instantaneously answered by two very excited ladies, a brunette and a blonde, who were to be my hosts for the weekend. Party of the year? Well, it might not have been my party, but it was certainly my birthday in a few days, so I symbolically tugged on my ponytail band and swished my hair around until it settled in waves on my shoulders.

I was shown by the butler to my rooms on the first floor as he brought my suitcase up the grand staircase. It was important to keep my bearings in a 15-bedroomed manor house, but this large sumptuous room at the end of the corridor was pretty unforgettable, with its huge four-poster bed and antique furniture, as well as the decadent ensuite bathroom, which featured a Victorian roll-top bath. Perfect for a morning soak! Although it was only mid-afternoon, I thought there was no better time to slip into my Honey Birdette lingerie and Gio fully-fashioned nylon stockings, as well as my Casadei Blades and mink fur. After all, there was a photographer arriving imminently for a shoot in the ballroom, and I wanted to be there!

...time to slip into my Honey Birdette lingerie and Gio fully fashioned nylon stockings, as well as my Casadei Blades and mink fur.

After curling my blonde hair into a 1930s style, I joined my friends in the ballroom. When I say “friends”, I mean that as well as being friends they were the crème de la crème of Dommes, strippers and content creators, and a feast for the eyes was right in shot. Draping ourselves provocatively but elegantly over the beautiful furniture, we posed and paraded for the camera. We were all feeling fully preened for the evening entertainment. I can’t say that such a scenario hadn’t left me feeling very sexy indeed, with the feeling that tonight might be quite an explosive adventure!

Following the filming, I slipped into a slinky black dress and joined the whole party downstairs. Dinner was served in the vast candlelit dining room with a table that perfectly accommodated the other 25 guests. I slipped into a spot between two good-looking gentlemen, regulars on the kink scene north of the border and ready for a wild time that night. Of course, they loved my outrageous tales of racy exploits in the London fetish scene and my flashes of stocking tops between courses was giving them an appetite for more than the divine dinner before us.

It all started with a champagne toast before the open fire in the living room for the two birthday girls. Spirits were high and guests were starting to get horny. Bolero jackets, stoles and scarves and yes, a few kilts started to get shed first in the heat of the fireplace. Then came off the shirts from the gentlemen and blouses and dresses from the Ladies. Both from some who were neither! Who knew a Scottish evening in November could be so hot?

We made our way to the ballroom, where a Shibari rig had been set up, with an experienced rigger suspending his pretty little rope bunny, who swayed contorted in her bliss. While some were enjoying this spectacle, there was also the strippers’ pole, which I was happy to watch and leave to the experts with their strength, skills and sex appeal.

Who knew a Scottish evening in November could be so hot?

Downstairs in the dungeon, a very sexy and sensual spit roasting was happening! I watched on as voyeur with a girl who was a relative newbie to kink at the party. We casually discussed our experiences of open relationships as our attention was captured by two very hot naked men giving a slim, randy girl the time of her life! We enjoyed view so much that we couldn’t resist sharing a snog between ourselves.. and maybe more!

It was time to cool down and the outdoor hot tub was inviting as it bubbled away, and the slightly-above-freezing temperatures proved no deterrent as we both slipped out of our lingerie and hosiery to jump on in and join the writhing host of naked bodies in the tub. A hot tub full of hotties with plenty of hot action was the next course! Bare flesh brushed against bare flesh with wild abandon in the maelstrom of warm bubbles as we frolicked into the night. One lucky hot tubber did end up in my bed later that night…but a Lady never kisses and tells of course!

The morning after, there was one final birthday tradition of fun to be had, since I mentioned how good my bathroom would be for a morning dip. The other birthday girl was led into the roll-top bath by myself and three other Dommes for a good soaking…of the watersports kind! She said later that it was one of the best birthday presents she’d ever had, and quite rightly so, since our golden streams excited her so much she came several times over! What a way to end a party…

....the crème de la crème of Dommes, strippers and content creators


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