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Lustful in Latex

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I arrived at the dungeon first, to wait in anticipation of my new latex slave. Fortunately, there was not much hanging around to be done as I set about stepping into my skin-tight black latex catsuit, ensuring it fit impingingly on my slim size 8 figure. By the time Tom arrived, I was already ready to be shined...after he had emerged from the shower and slipped into his own full-footed latex catsuit and hood. Only his eyes, mouth and hands were uncovered, although there were strategic zips elsewhere. Tom carefully applied shining lotion all over my body, and I allowed him to take extra time over my breasts and between my legs, as I began to see the whole dungeon reflected in my catsuit. “Good job slave, I think this is satisfactorily shiny.” After my waspie, gloves and 7” heeled boots were on, I was instantly an unstoppable latex Goddess.

We started our play by kissing very passionately, standing up in the middle of the dungeon and grinding into one another, touching and stroking each other’s glossy bodies, polished to perfection. It was a highly erotically-charged beginning to our encounter, as we progressed across the room to the gyno chair. I had Tom sit in it, legs spread so I could easily access the parts I wanted to reach. After an intense kiss, I pushed Tom so he had his back on the cushioned part of the chair behind him. I slowly and teasingly unzipped his crotch so his large hard cock sprang out, then his balls, and finally his asshole was exposed.

I gently fondled his cock, twisting my latex-gloved hand around it and cupping his balls before beginning to feel my way into his ass. A well-lubed finger became two, then three, and, impressed by what a butt slut Tom obviously was, I went on to using my fist to pleasure him, wanking him with the other hand. But I wanted to feel full power over Tom, and I felt that could be achieved best by harnessing my newest dildo onto my own crotch: a ten-inch dildo that had enough girth even to challenge someone more experienced with pegging like Tom. With plenty of lube applied to it, I towered over him in my boots as he sat legs akimbo in the chair. I was ready to ease my mighty phallus into his already warmed-up ass. I gripped the chair arm for balance as I slid in and out of him, watching his eyes as he became more enchanted by my power over him and the wonderful sensations he felt whilst being invaded by me. After his third anal orgasm, we decided we were done with the chair. I was feeling horny by that time, spurred on by the exhilaration in Tom’s eyes, and simply needed to receive some pleasure.

The dungeon’s bed looked inviting, so I led Tom there. It was my turn to unzip my crotch this time and reveal my hot, wet pussy for the first time this session. I pressed Tom to the bed below me and straddled his body, a knee on either side of his torso. I teased him with my pussy, my pretty little piece of pink protruding from my lustrous latex body. Tom was desperate to taste me by the time I brought it close to his lips, snd began to tongue it eagerly, while I lapped up all of that pleasure being given to my exposed flesh. Tom was an expert with his tongue it transpired, but I had to stop him before I hit the great heights of an orgasm...that was to be reserved for our grand finale.

I beckoned Tom over to the gyno chair again. As I had enjoyed fucking him so much here, why shouldn’t I enjoy being fucked by Tom here? The crotch zip stayed open as I settled into place and put my ankles into the stirrups. I sat forward and pulled Tom towards me as he slipped on a condom. I felt truly invigorated as he slid his cock inside me. I moaned as his movements became more intense, thrusting deeper as I started to peak again. Two shiny bodies locked into each other in this carnal act, so sensual and so erotic. Tom came hard as I too shuddered to my own climax, we gripped each other’s rubber-clad body as those heights were reached.

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