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Lost in the Lair

I was seated regally on my throne in my Lair as he crawled in on hands and knees, wearing nothing but a black latex hood. I demanded he kneel at my feet, so his eye level was about at my pussy height. Not that he could see it through my shiny black latex catsuit adorned with chain harnesses that hung in splendour over my breasts and thighs, as he presented himself in the most humble fashion he could. I crossed my legs, in thigh-length PVC boots resplendent with buckles and seven-inch heels and demanded that my slave plant kisses on the toes, and begin to worship them all the way up to the top of the thigh. “Suck the heel slave,” I ordered, and he immediately began to place the stiletto heel in his mouth, deep-throating each of those seven inches hungrily. “Slave, have some dignity! You look as if you haven’t eaten for days! Suck slowly, tenderly and without looking like you are about to devour my heel!” My slave obeyed, and it pleased me to see him following my instructions as I’d requested. I pulled a black leather studded collar from my drawer and fastened it securely at the back of his neck. “You haven’t earned the privilege of being my permanent slave yet, but you will wear it for the next hour with me.”

“Thank you Mistress, it is an honour to serve you and wear your collar.” I clipped a dog lead onto the collar and whispered into his ear to open his mouth. I put an O-ring gag in it and bubbled the strap at the back of his head. He gagged a little as I inserted two fingers into his mouth, but then the gag became the gentle lapping of his tongue on my fingers. This warranted a slap around his face.

“Who told you to lick my fingers, greedy boy?” I pinched his chin and held his face horizontally so that I could let me divine spit slip out of my mouth and down his throat. A gulp and then a garbled attempt at an apology. “Best you stay silent,” I winked, sitting back and allowing the tension to build on the dog lead.

“Stand up,” I commanded and led him to another part of my Lair, where the St Andrew’s Cross stood. “Arms out above your head and legs apart.” He instantly changed into a position that allowed me to fasten his wrists, waist and ankles to the cross without having to mould his shape. He faced me as I looked down his body to his hard cock, which I had ignored up to now, but at this moment it was worthy of attention. “Aroused are you slave?” I laughed mockingly, “You don’t have to answer that, it’s evident from all the pre-cum you’re leaking!” Indeed, there was a string about three inches long of it dripping from the tip of his cock. I scooped the dangling dribble and fed it through the ring, pushing it deep inside his mouth. “Enjoy your little gift from Mistress,” I giggled playfully.

Cock now clean, at least momentarily, I took the opportunity to examine it and objectify it. “Five inches when fully erect. Barely adequate, but passable I suppose,” I sneered derisively. I squeezed his member with my fingertips, cupped his balls in my hands then slipped a rubber cock ring onto it. If it wasn’t engorged already, it was now! “The slightly bigger surface area gives me an easier target,” I smiled menacingly. For the first time, my slave gave a nervous jolt. I was pleased that my teasing had got the better off him at last and ran my long French-tipped fingernails over his cock and balls.

We were face to face as I whispered again in my slave’s ear, “I think I prefer you the other way round.” I unbuckled him only to spin him around and fasten him in so his back and buttocks faced me. I picked up two floggers hanging from my door and began to play with them, spinning them inches away from him and getting closer and closer until impact was made. He flinched at first then steadied himself to remain still while I did my handiwork on his back and bottom, intensifying the strokes as I went. I sensed he was struggling with the pain, which only gave me the impetus to keep going more. Until I stopped and admired my work, the red marks on his back.

Again I unfastened his from the Cross, but only to pull him over somewhere I could keep him horizontally. With Velcro straps around his wrists and ankles, he was spreadeagled on my bed. I straddled him, my butt parked just in front of his cock so it touched my latex. I held his wrists down and pressed down on him, again spitting through the O-ring into his mouth. “Time to take this to another level, slut,” I said breathily into his ear.

I removed the gag (he had learned the lesson to be seen and not heard!) and attached a blindfold onto the latex hood. Although he wouldn’t be able to see me in all my shiny beauty, his imagination would now take over…for better or for worse! I attached an electro pad to his cock, just underneath the tip, and one to his balls and wired them up to my E-stim device. I slipped a black latex glove on, smearing the fingers liberally with lube. This slave was going to feel my power, in more ways than one! I switched on the power on my E-stim and watched my slave as the voltage kicked in. I kept it at an ominously low level to begin with, flicking through different settings that would eventually make him throb. That was with my left hand.

As for my gloved right hand, a slid my index finger inside him, which glided in with ease. “What a slut you are! But every slut has their limits…I will find yours!” A second gloved finger joined the one inside to gently stimulate the fleshy bump of his prostate, pressing and circling around it.

The power went up. The pressing intensified. He began to twitch and throb, matching the rhythm of the setting on my electrical device. I had no physical contact with his cock, there was only the device. My fingers were still inside him. There was a pulsing sensation as cum started to want to make its way up from his balls. “Mistress…please may I cum..?”

“Beg bitch!!!” I taunted him.

“Mistress, I beg you, pleeeeeeaaase May I cum?”

“Go on slave, permission granted.”

With a huge sigh, a fountain of cum launched itself from his cock, hitting him in his face. The sheer relief for my slave was euphoric as his balls emptied profusely onto himself.

I sat back on my throne and basked in my power while my slave lay defiled by his own copious cumload.


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