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Knight in Black Satin

Head to foot in my favourite shiny fabric...

I returned from my Scotland trip last month and am now I am back in London again. Scotland was run at a tight schedule for me, and I must send my apologies to those of you who called who I didn’t get back to. I was simply inundated with requests. Please add me to your hotlist and look out for my next Scotland tour, tentatively scheduled for October.

I have to say that absolutely everyone I met was lovely, which made the tour a delight to do, but I will describe one of my most memorable encounters now with a gentleman in the more northerly reaches of my Scottish travels.

Doug was a passing businessman who happened to have fortuitously found my profile the night before, and he brought with him a large bag, the contents of which would provide all the entertainment for us for the session.

Doug emptied the contents of his bag onto my hotel bed, and I was thrilled to see a mountain of black almost every item of female clothing you could think of!

I instructed Doug to remove the clothes he was wearing and set about dressing him head to foot (well, neck to foot) in his (and my!) favourite shiny fabric. On went the knickers and suspender belt first, which I lovingly caressed once on Doug. Doug was as hard as a man can be, and looked delightful already! I put some stockings on him (the one and only non-satin item) and stroked his legs. But there was more to come! A slinky black satin pencil skirt beclothed Doug’s hips. I carefully slipped it on him, dragging my hands over his thighs and securing the zip fastener, and put a smooth black blouse on him, delicately fastening each button, savouring every moment of the dressing process.

The final finishing touches were long black satin gloves (Doug had two pairs, so I was happy to slide my arms into his spare pair), and thigh-length high-heeled satin boots, which Doug had picked up from a normally bland high street retailer. Racy!

Doug modelled the satin outfit for me, and have me a few slinky twirls before we started making out on the bed (where there was still an abundance of satin garments!). Getting sexy in satin is so much fun, rubbing and grinding your body against someone wearing the same shiny fabric as you!

Our raunchy encounter ended in the ultimate sensual act, with me masturbating Doug, still completely clad in satin while I wore the silky pair of opera gloves. After a certain amount of edging, he came sensationally all over my gloved hands. What a treat for the tactile man!

I am now looking to add to my satin collection...a slinky set of lingerie, new gloves, a corset...I can understand why this synthetic but oh-so-smooth fabric provokes such lust in people.


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