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Kathy Comes Home

Kevin turned up to one of my hypnotherapy sessions feeling particularly anxious. He’d been having intrusive thoughts about being a woman and had even started cross dressing experimentally in his bedroom at home. All he needed was the help of an unscrupulous hypnotherapist to push him over the edge into the great ocean of femininity for once and for all...and Dr Phoenix was there to help, clad in her best silky satin blouse, leather skirt, fully fashioned nylons and heels, all in black.

“I really need an extra push to feel that I have become a woman Dr Phoenix. Can you help?”

Of course I could help...but while I was to be hypnotising to Kevin to become Kathy, I thought it best that he release something else other than his manhood...his freedom! Oh yes, this was also my chance to put Kevin in a trance, make in into Kathy, and make Kathy my personal maid, in permanent servitude to me.

As the watch swung from side to side, it became clear that Kevin was extremely susceptible to hypnotism, and fell under almost instantly. This was going to be a very easy task for me. I brought Kevin deeper into the trance and dropped suggestions into his mind which he lapped up wholeheartedly.

“You will become more feminine. You will become more under my power and control. You will want to serve me as my maid. When I snap my fingers, you will come out of the trance and feel like a woman. You will feel wonderful. Your name is no longer Kevin. Your name is now Kathy.”

With the click of my fingers, Kathy was out of the trance. “How do you feel Kathy?” I enquired.

“Wonderful! Very calm and confident Dr Phoenix.”

I smirked, knowing fully well that Kevin was now Kathy, at least in terms of mind.

“Fantastic. Now we need to get you out of those clothes into something more your style Kathy.”

Kathy responded to her new name, “Oh yes Mistress,” and looking down on her dowdy masculine garments uttered, “please help me dress in something suitable. These men’s clothes really aren’t me at all.”

I responded to my new term of address too. “Let’s get you into some gorgeous black vintage-style lingerie to start off with.” I helped Kathy into a pair of satin panties and suspender belt, helping her attach each of the six straps to the fully fashioned nylons I had given her. A conical 50s style bra (with a little help of some enhancement in the cups) added to the stylish look. Kathy slipped into a blue satin skater dress, which had a wrap-over top and a skirt that flared out and came to just above her bestockinged knees. I pulled out a pair of blue shiny patent size 10 heels, which she slipped into with ease. However, the look was not quite finished! A chic shoulder-length wavy brunette wig gave a distinctly elegant feel to the look, but it wasn’t until the makeup was done that the transformation was complete...and Kathy did look fabulous in her full makeup, including the long, luscious eyelashes and glossy red lips. Lucky for Kathy then that Dr Phoenix was also quite the dab hand with makeup, creating such a glamorous look for Kathy!

“Some training is needed now Kathy. I’d like you to demonstrate how you walk in those heels.” Kathy sashayed around the room with ease...and it became clear that the hypnosis had been extremely effective! Dr Phoenix had the perfect reward for Kathy, and produced a metal chastity device. “I’m going to cage you now Kathy. You won’t be needing your cock any longer, so it’s really quite useless. From now on it will be your clit. Being under lock and key suited Kathy perfectly. Now they could concentrate on the ass training.

“Your ass needs to function like a pussy from now on. Go to the bathroom to douche, and make your pussy feel as much like a velvety cunt as possible.” Kathy disappeared momentarily, but came back looking rather pleased with herself. The last part of the training was about to begin. It was my turn to disappear to the bathroom momentarily, re-emerging with a splendid-looking spiral 10” strap-on cock...and nothing else but her trademark stockings and heels. Kathy submissively assumed a position on her back with her legs held up high, while I plunged my phallus deep into her welcoming hole. The fucking was as satisfying as it was deep. Kathy cried out in pleasure while I pounded her. She felt what it was like to have multiple anal orgasms, all the while when I was looking her right in her beautifully made up eyes. Kathy finally felt fulfilled. She had come home...and I made the decision not to bring her out of the hypnosis...


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