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It's always thrilling to participate in a truly original, imaginative roleplay.

It's always thrilling to participate in a truly original, imaginative roleplay...and here is one of my most recent...

I had a knock on my door the other day, and, not expecting any friends to visit or deliveries to be made, I opened it to a young, handsome gentleman who had a keen but naive expression on his face.

“Hello, my name’s Tim and I’m from the City Community of Christians, and I...”

“Oh gaawwwd,” I blasphemed from the very start, but couldn’t help but notice that this man was quite pretty, and this made me want to continue with him, if only for my own amusement. He could come in useful somehow.

“No, please allow me to finish Miss...”

“Phoenix,” I let him know the fiery name of the fiery lady he was dealing with.

“Miss Phoenix...,” Tim enunciated slowly and nervously.

“I’m a committed atheist, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change my mind.”

“I-i-if you’d just allow me to ask three simple questions...”

“Look, I’m a scientist,” I told the beleaguered Bible-basher, “You are wasting your time on me with your nonsense.” But then a twisted idea popped into my devious mind. “But maybe we could come to an agreement. You seem determined to ask me these questions, so you may ask them...”

“Miss Phoenix, you won’t regret this. These questions are designed to convert you to belief in the Lord, and bring to you a new life of peace, joy and chastity...”

“You MAY ask these three questions on condition that if I am not convinced by your Christian ways by the third question, you will take part in a scientific experiment that I am currently doing research for.”

“Well of course,” Tim eagerly replied, “Anything that may help you to receive the word of God.”

“Excellent, we have a deal then. Do come in,” and with that, my God-bothering guest entered my flat. “Let’s sit down for coffee here on the sofa while you ask me your questions. I’m ready for the first.” I smoothed down my navy satin blouse and black satin skirt, under which you could see the outlines of a suspender belt and stockings.

Tim looked a little more anxious now that he had set foot onto my territory, but he was completely intent on converting me. “Okay Miss Phoenix, my first question is...Do you believe in God or have you ever believed?”

“Well, I believe I am a Goddess actually, and many gentlemen worship me as their deity. Does that count?”

“Yes, Miss Phoenix, I’m aware that you moonlight as a dominatrix as well as being a scientist. That’s why the Lord has chosen me to help you convert from your sinfulness, so my second question is...Do you think the Lord can save you from your immoral ways?”

“Why would I want the Lord to save me? I’ve never had so much fun since becoming a dominatrix, and it gives my perverted mind a creative outlet I don’t get in my science job. So consider me unsalvageable as well as morally reprehensible.”

Tim was visibly shocked that his omnipotent Word was just not getting through.

“Last question,” I smiled meanly.

Tim was stammering away more than ever now, “M-m-Miss Phoenix...h-h-has the H-h-holy Spirit ever entered you?”

Well, that final question just got me, and I was rolling around with laughter, unable to speak for a while. Once I’d composed myself, I replied that I’d once fucked a guy at Halloween who was dressed up as a ghost, and the sheet he was wearing had been partially eaten by moths - did that count?

Tim was crestfallen. He had utterly failed to convert me and he knew that he had to submit to me for scientific purposes.

“I’m definitely still atheist, but nice try Tim. Now it’s my turn.”

I beckoned him to follow me into a room with a medical chair in it. This room was my personal science lab, and Tim was now my guinea pig!

Tim almost automatically seated himself in the medical chair while I put restraints around his wrists and ankles. “What kind of experiment IS this exactly?” Tim asked, starting to get a little worried.

“I am a sexual scientist exploring the relationship between restraint, mild pain and arousal. Do not bother struggling as it’s useless.”

I was only exercising my side of the bargain after I took a ball gag from a cupboard of many devices and implements, and placed it firmly in Tim’s mouth so I could hear no more of that evangelical wittering any longer!

Tim writhed a little, bit it was obvious that he wasn’t trying too hard to escape.

“So first of all, Tim, a little arousal for you.” I peeled away my satin layers to reveal a stunning black lingerie set beneath, silky smooth satin bra, knickers and suspender belt with seamed Cuban heel fully fashioned stockings. I kept the Louboutins on. I straddled Tim on the medical chair and gave him a few light slaps to test his reactions to mild pain. He barely flinched and seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it had something to do with the Lord telling him to turn the other cheek, who knows?

I proceeded to rub my body against his body until I felt his hardness beneath me, then slowly and most seductively unbuttoned his shirt. I attached two electrodes to his nipples, which were wired up to my electrical stimulation machine. I then undid his fly and pulled down his trousers and pants to reveal a pleasingly erect cock.

Wanting to be pleasured, I pulled up my skirt, pulled my knickers aside and mounted Tim's face. I realised he may have been a novice at eating pussy, so I directed him. With a few simple instructions, Tim proved to be a dab hand (or tongue) at driving me to ecstasy, and I came to a shuddering climax whilst he enjoyed

I put on my black latex surgical gloves to probe Tim's ass with. “The Goddess is penetrating you,” I told him cheekily while I fingered him and treated him to a prostate massage. He was clearly enjoying it with great abandonment...maybe he would even abandon the Lord? But that wasn't my objective. I turned up the e-stim then began running my vibrating wand over Tim's cock and balls. I kissed him wantonly, and he did not resist. A wave of pleasure was building up and up inside him until he came with a huge surge, just as I held the wand to the tip of his cock.

And off Tim went...a leopard seldom changes its spots...back to attend a Christian meeting, and off I “analyse” my scientific test results.


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