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In chastity for Lady Phoenix (A guest blog by slave G)

Even a week or two of chastity has resulted in “blue balls” so painful and distracting as to interfere with normal daily activities...

I should have known it would come to this. Locked into a chastity cage at the instruction of Lady Phoenix, my cock restrained into a cage of resin so tightly it can’t become erect. When my best efforts to avoid erotic thoughts fail and physical or cognitive stimulation causes blood to flow into the shaft, the head involuntarily pushes firmly against the cage, but in vain. The result is that the base ring encircling the scrotum is pulled forward, pinching my swollen, dangling balls - the weighty ache and dull pain a reminder of my state.

With the pandemic lockdown at last waning late last spring, the prospect (ahem) arose of returning to in-person sexual activity, which as a single man with a voracious and varied appetite I'd been able to pursue only virtually for the past year. I had contacted Lady Phoenix, who described herself as the “Queen of Tease” and, even more attractive for me, as a Mistress who expressed a firm belief that the mind is the root of all eroticism.

In anticipation of a real time encounter, which we hoped would be soon (but for the past few months has had to be deferred due to transatlantic travel restrictions), she granted me virtual training sessions.

I should have known it would come to this, when during each of the first two sessions, even as she instructed me to display and stimulate my body to her, she flatly refused my request to stroke myself. During the third session, I sought to impress her by telling her that I had thought of her as I had masturbated; she responded sternly that the way to impress this Mistress was to show her my balls, clean shaven and swollen from a lack of release. When I said that I had played with chastity before for brief periods, she was ready to fuck with my mind: “Well, wearing a device will help you restrain yourself for longer periods.” I was assigned to research several options, from which she selected for me a “Cherry Keeper,” with a “short” cage, a “head lock” to prevent pull-out, and “Total touch-stop mesh” to allow air and water to keep it clean but prevent any manual access to any part of the head or shaft. Once I had obtained the proper size of base ring and gotten friendly advice from the good people of on how to insert myself into it, Lady Phoenix kindly bade me one last release before I was to be locked away.

Over the past 6 weeks I have worn the Cherry Keeper most days and nights, which has unexpectedly given me a near constant feeling of contentment and security -- even when it has given me feelings of unrequited desire, intense frustration, and as noted, a dull ache whenever my corporeal instinct overcomes my rational efforts at self-restraint and my body tries to generate an erection only to result in a feeling akin to a moderate CBT session.

While in the past, even a week or two of chastity has resulted in “blue balls” so painful and distracting as to interfere with normal daily activities, I have benefitted from Lady Phoenix’s rigorous regimen of training my ass to be ready for her to peg it with her tentacle-sized dildo. Using first a small then a medium-sized prostate massager as well as inflatable butt plugs and vibrating dildoes, I find that even a restrained cock and balls can generate considerable amounts of viscous, clear precum, which I dutifully collect on my hands or in a cup and consume in obedience. The result is not anything like the intensity or relief of an orgasm but it is an emotionally more profound feeling of - oddly given the situation - gratitude and personal pride in serving my Mistress.


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