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“I am a brainwashed sex slave.”

They came to my Hypnotherapy surgery separately, as work colleagues sent by their boss to “cure” their lack of focus in the office. Jason was a tall, smartly-dressed man, whom I immediately identified as being very susceptible to Hypnosis. Belle was a very attractive brunette in office wear, who said she’d been hypnotised before with successful results. They were both effectively putty in my hands, sitting on my leather therapy couch, and as I drew their attention to my swinging watch and watched as their eyelids grew heavy, I started to imagine the fun ahead of us. My trance induction was powerful and with a click of my fingers, they were both deeply under my spell.

The next stage, after deepening their trance, was to ensure that they responded to my commands and obeyed my orders. My silky hypnotic voice sounded like sonic syrup to my two “patients”, and the two mesmerised and mindless ones repeated after me:

“I am powerless to resist.”

“I am a brainwashed sex slave.”

“I obey only you.”

“I serve only you.”

“I worship only you.”

It was then safe to bring them out of the trance knowing that the triggers had firmly been installed, and whenever I snapped my fingers they would do exactly as I said. There would be no attention to their concentration levels at work, this session would be all about me getting the maximum perverse satisfaction possible!

I counted them out of their trance and asked them how they felt.


“More focussed?”

“Er, yeah!”


A dead-eyed glaze instantly came over the two drones as they sunk under my power.

A dead-eyed glaze instantly came over the two drones as they sunk under my power.

“Strip to your underwear right now and start to feel aroused.”

Item by item, Jason and Belle slipped out of their office attire so I could see more of their personality in what lay underneath. Jason in his boxers, and Belle in a rather racy hot pink Honey Birdette set of lingerie, stockings and suspenders included. Oh this was going to be fun.

“Kiss each other. Passionately!”

They faced each other and began to snog. I wondered whether they’d even thought about doing this when they were in the office before.

“Now fondle each other.”

Breasts were stroked and gently squeezed, cock and balls groped. Despite the pair of them being brain-washed zombies, there was excitement in what they were doing…and that excitement was for me!

“Belle - suck Jason’s cock.”

She slipped his erect manhood out of his pants (leaking copiously, I might add) and held it in her mouth, using her tongue to pleasure him from the tip all the way along the shaft to the hilt.

“Balls too, Belle.”

That command was obeyed with enthusiasm, like all the others!

“Okay, Jason, now it’s Belle’s turn. Take off her panties and lick her pussy.”

Jason’s very hard cock popped out of Belle’s mouth as they rotated and he went down on her, peeling off her wet panties as he began to use his tongue on her clit as she moaned. They had both become pure pleasure-bots and now it was my turn to join in!

I stripped to my lace and satin black lingerie set, complete with fully fashioned stockings.

“Now both of you, use your tongues to pleasure me. Pay attention to my nipples and clit.”

Now it was getting really hot! The two brainwashed office-workers were all over me, Belle on my breasts and nipples while Jason concentrated on my clit, positively raging from the fervour of this elicit tryst. I commanded them to swap over when I felt like having a female tongue licking me between my thighs while Jason sucked on my tits, nipples hard as could be.

“Belle - we will suck Jason’s cock together.”

As soon as I gave this deviant command, other devious thoughts were running through my mind, though sharing Jason’s cock with Belle was pure joy, as we teased him with our tongues. But it simply had to be done.

“Get in formation for a three-way 69.”

With a little logistical push from me, we all managed to fit on the large leather couch of my therapy room together (it was large for a reason!). I positioned Belle so she was sucking Jason’s cock again, while Jason’s head was between my thighs and I had Belle’s delicious pussy in my face.

“Now lick!”

And we did. Licked like we were having an ice-cream after fasting for three days. Hungrily, greedily, but focussing on the receiving as much as the giving. I got even wetter at the thought of what I’d created: a perfect three-person chain of pleasure. There was only one thing left to do…

“On the count of ten, CUM!”

The sighs crescendoed as the countdown reached its climax and the three of us came simultaneously amid our hypno-tryst.

However, it was not over as my patients were still in trance! As I instructed clean-up and dressing, I also placed a few post-hypnotic suggestions about repeating the session again soon. SNAP! They were out of their trance.

“Feeling focussed?” My leading question could only be answered one way.

“Yes, amazing thank you!” enthused Belle.

“I feel so light, and fresh…rejuvenated! I’m sure I’ll be able to concentrate more at work now,” said Jason.

Two more happy patients left my surgery today…but it wouldn’t be long at all before they came back for more…though not quite knowing what the “more” was that they craved…

*Want to know more about my sexy friend Belle O'Hara - Then CLICK HERE to here friends page

Two more happy patients left my surgery today…but it wouldn’t be long at all before they came back for more…though not quite knowing what the “more” was that they craved…


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Jun 08, 2023

You are the best Mistress Your Nik 😀

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