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Nigel had enquired regarding my hypno-domme services. I had completed a training course in hypnotherapy just before lockdown and was very keen to put my new skills to the test, especially after making a few videos on this subject during lockdown. Oh yes, this new learning can very much be applied to helping people give up smoking, lose weight, gain more confidence etc but I was also excited about trying it out in new, perverted ways. Of course, Hypno-BDSM is quite different from Hypnotherapy, although they both do have their therapeutic qualities.

Nigel arrived at my flat as I greeted him in a friendly, professional manner, wearing a red satin blouse, black satin skirt, with fully fashioned black seamed stockings on as well as my usual black shiny heels. But crucially, I was wearing a pair of sunglasses. It was vitally important that Nigel didn’t look into my eyes just yet.

I seated Nigel down for an initial chat to see what the issue was. Nigel confessed to having a fetish for hypnosis that was taking over his life. Throughout lockdown he had been addicted to watching hypnosis videos, and he had come to me to cure his addiction...through hypnosis! Little did he know that his slightly "unethical" hypnotherapist had other ideas...

I encouraged Nigel to adopt a very relaxed position on the couch then took off my sunglasses. “Look into my eyes,” I commanded. I revealed my eyes, which had inside each one a swirling coloured contact lens. Nigel only had to look into them briefly before feeling entranced. “You are under my spell. You are feeling resist.” All of those oh so effective they were! I produced a watch on a chain and began to swing it pendulously, ordering Nigel to follow it with his eyes. “Your eyelids are feeling heavy. You are starting to feel sleepy.” Nigel on cue began to look tired, his eyelids gradually closing until I clicked my fingers and said, “Deep sleep.” His eyes closed immediately and his whole body visibly relaxed, slumping on the sofa.

I then led Nigel into a much deeper hypnotic trance by guiding him down an imaginary staircase and onto a comfortable bed that he sank into, knowing that he would be much more open to suggestions in that state.

“Repeat after me. I hear and obey.”

Nigel duly parroted my words, slowly and obediently, “I hear and obey.”

“Whenever you hear the word ‘kiss’, you will kiss me,” I said planting a kiss on Nigel’s lips to reinforce my words.

“Whenever you say the word ‘kiss’ I will kiss you.” he repeated.

“Whenever you hear the word ‘breast’, you will worship my breasts.” Nigel repeated my words as I took one of his hands and pressed it to one of my breasts.

“Whenever you hear the word ‘pussy’, you will worship my pussy.” I drew his hand between my thighs as he regurgitated my words.

“Whenever you hear the word ‘ass’, you will worship my ass.” Nigel again repeated as I guided his hand to my behind.

Of course, none of this had anything to do with “curing” Nigel’s fetish: it was all about satisfying myself by using him.

“When I click my fingers and say ‘wake up’ you will waken instantly. And when I say ‘sleep’, you will do just that. You will obey all of my instructions. Now take my hand. I will lead you to the bedroom where we will see how compliant and obedient you have become.” I led him by the hand to the bedroom in the next room.

“Now undress,” I instructed as he immediately submitted to my request and one by one, his layers of clothing dropped to the floor. He was left wearing absolutely nothing...but a big hard on. To check on his state, I clicked my fingers and said, “Wake up”. Nigel’s eyes widened and he looked around the room and at his own naked body in surprise. “Sleep!” and he was back in the trance again.

“Lie on the bed face up.” Nigel did as he was told. I removed my clothes to the lingerie I had on: bra, panties, suspender belt and the stockings. I climbed above him, my own body bearing down on his. I lowered my chest down to his face.

“Breasts” I said. Nigel’s attention suddenly all went to my tits, which he began to suck, lick and stroke lovingly as if they were divine beings. My nipples grew hard as he lavished passion on them. “Kiss,” I uttered, bringing my face down to his so he could eagerly present his mouth to mine, his tongue searching inside this magical place for mine. It was in fact more than a kiss, it was as if his tongue was bowing down deferentially at my altar, and becoming a servant of my body and mind. But I couldn’t resist at this point...

“Wake up!” Nigel looked extremely confused to see me in my lingerie on top of him (this amusing me greatly!), but before he could express his befuddlement I clicked my fingers...”Sleep”. And he was back under my control once again.

“Pussy,” I called out, parting my knickers while I sat on Nigel’s face as he licked me out with such tenderness, as if I was the sweetest fruit he’d ever tasted. “Ass,” and his tongue was lapping at my hole, plunging his tongue inside to sample my lovely taste. We continued this for a while, flitting between kissing and body worship, until I announced to Nigel that I wanted to take his cock in my mouth. He could do nothing but obey me while I began to suck on his gorgeous manhood while I said, “Pussy,” ensuring a 69 formation for a mutually explosive finale. Nigel loved the sensation of having my beautiful cunt in his face while I sucked long and deeply on his dick. We both came hard.

After getting dressed again I returned to my practice room and put my dark glasses back on. Nigel too returned after I’d ordered him to shower and dress. “Sit down” I commanded. “Now wake up!” I clicked my fingers for the last time. “You are now cured of your hypnosis addiction. How do you feel?”

“Thank you so much Dr Phoenix! I feel...rather wonderful and very relaxed. I feel this must be the beginning of a new journey for me, which you have helped me start. Although I did have some weird dreams in the middle of that...” he blushed.

“You don’t need to elaborate, some strange mind states can be experienced in a trance, that’s not for me to pry into as it’s your private world. I’m very pleased you’ve made such an excellent start to your journey, but we’re not finished yet. I do expect you to return for further training until we can be sure we’ve “cured” you!”

“Of course Dr Phoenix.” Nigel put on his coat and left, a little spring in his step. As he left, I stroked my thumb and middle finger together, knowing that I could control him at anytime with a mere click...

Enjoy one of my hypno teaser moments...

If you liked this story, try my movie. It's available to watch by clicking on the image to see it on my clip store Join Mistress Wildfire and Lady Phoenix for a patients therapy session to treat an excessive masturbation problem. The two dommes put him in a trance at first, but then use the unwitting slave for their own pleasure. See their slave succumb to body worship, CBT, flogging, bondage, suggestion and a final milking scene.


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