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Focus on my Feet...

He came into my bedroom a little shyly, and little wonder. I was neck to ankle in smoky black transparent latex and black patent high heels, with my hair tumbling on golden curls on my shoulders. It was enough to make any mere mortal quake in their boots. But boots were not the reason Michael was here. It was my shoes and what lay inside them that was the object of fascination for him. I beckoned him onto the bed with me and immediately ensnared him, placing my 6” heels on his chest. He was already captivated but I told him not to move a muscle and certainly not to touch my feet.

He dared to doubt me when I told him that I could hypnotise him with my feet alone. Big mistake! I dangled my stilettos tantalisingly from my toes then dropped each shoe to the floor, one after the other. Michael’s eyes widened and I knew it was time to begin the induction. I swung my feet from side to side like a pendulum as he focussed on them. I gently whispered words of encouragement to begin with, lulling him into false sense of security and under my spell. He went under faster than I’d even seen before, my soles swinging as he fell deeper and deeper in the trance. He was utterly spellbound as I counted him down from ten to one, then became completely under my power.

“Lick my soles. Taste them. They are the most divinely delicious thing you’ve ever had in your mouth.” Michael did exactly as I said and tongued them as if he was eating a wonderfully-flavoured ice cream voraciously , after hours of being hungry. I pushed the soles into his face, almost suffocating him.

“Suck each toe in turn. I want you to lick between the toes too. Lavish pure adoration on those divine digits.” Michael sucked them like his life depended on it. In his mind, my feet were his sole deities, and he was here for worship.

Even though he was still fully clothed, I could see Michael growing hard in his trousers. I began to touch him in that area and coax him out of his trousers, pants and socks until I had his cock in his hand and was gently rubbing it. He began to suck my toes more enthusiastically, so I cruelly snapped them away from him. Poor Michael was in a state of confusion having his Goddess’s feet whipped away from him like that!

But he wouldn’t complain about what followed...a lengthy and highly erotic foot job. I wrapped the dainty arches of my petite size 5 feet around his lovely hard cock, wanking it gently to begin with, then taking one foot away to press into his face while the other stayed on his cock, making massaging circular motions on it. Michael was highly aroused by now and was close to cumming, so I returned the other foot to his cock and gripped it with the toes of both feet. I bent over to spit on his cock. He was on the brink. I wanked him fast and hard. This time I pushed him over the edge snd he began to erupt in a torrent of warm spunk over my gorgeous feet. And when he started cumming, he kept on cumming and feet were drenched by the time I had finished with him by the huge cummy load...and he would leave the room being vulnerable to being triggered into a trance at any point pretty feet came into view...


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1 Comment

Jul 10, 2021

Your feet do look very lickable and your toes awfully suckable 😛👣

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