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Enter the slave girl

I was pleased with his behaviour. He was obedient, polite, very good with his tongue and submitted to everything I instructed him to, although I might have preferred his pain threshold to be a little higher. It had all begun with him naked and ready for inspection as I put a leather collar and lead on him, whispered gently but authoritatively in his ear about my plans for him before bending him over my bench for a sound flogging. Since I was in my skin-tight black leather catsuit with zips in all the right places, I thought I’d treat him to some face-sitting. Mounted on his eager-to-please face, I ground myself into him until those zips just had to be opened and he tasted my juicy pussy while pleasuring me to orgasm.

However, it was only when he was tied firmly to my cross and blindfolded, with nipple clamps on and electrical pads attached to his hard, dribbling cock and full balls was there a knock on the door. I left him buzzing away on the throbbing electrical charge while I called out, “Come in!”. And there she was. My new slave girl. Pretty, blonde, young and dressed in black latex William Wilde bra and girdle, Honey Birdette seamed stockings and a gorgeous pair of Louboutin heels with ankle straps, to complement the pair of Pigalles I had on.

“Kneel before me,” I commanded her. She promptly fell to her knees and bowed her head. I put my hand out to her, which she kissed in an affectionately submissive way. I put a jewelled collar on her and tugged on the front D ring to pull her across my Lair to the cross where my prey was firmly fastened. “It’s time for you to meet my male slave, Harry”.

“Harry, I know you’re struggling with the intensity of that electrical current while that pain sears through your nipples, but this should distract you.” I removed his blindfold and pulled the slave girl in front of me, an arm around her waist and a hand around her throat. “This is my slave girl. She will do anything I ask. If I want to be pleasured by her, she will pleasure me. If I want to punish her, she will be punished. If I want her to pleasure you, she will pleasure you. If I want her to punish you, she will punish you.”

Harry didn’t know whether to be nervous or excited. What he thought was the plan had now taken a surprising twist, and the confusion sent him even more deeply into subspace. I stroked the slave girl’s nipples through her latex bra and felt her grind slightly against me, which compelled me to slip a hand under her skirt to feel underneath…her inevitably wet shaved pussy.

“My slave girl will assist me with your punishment,” I said, giving her charge of the nipple clamps, which she playfully flicked with her fingers. Harry’s drooling precum became more profuse, and I managed to turn up the voltage on my e-stim to a level that he had not previously been able to cope with. “Trying to impress the slave girl?” I winked, “Well, you certainly don’t impress me!” The slave girl continued to toy with Harry under my instruction until his cock began to twitch and he asked permission to cum. Not granted.

“You can simmer down horizontally instead,” I ordered, while the slave girl diligently unfastened Harry’s restraints while taking extra care not to make contact with his cock whilst his balls were critically at bursting point. I reattached his lead to his collar and led him to my satin sheet-draped bed, where, under my command, the slave girl secured his wrists and ankles to the bed with Shibari rope. Having allowed the burgeoning cumload to ebb away, I instructed her to climb onto his face, where I told her she was in for a treat if the technique he had used to bring me to orgasm earlier was anything to go by. As soon as he started to lap away at her clit, her face changed into contortions of pleasure.

“I think I have found another sex toy as useful as you!” I mocked her as she writhed on his face and she began to climb that stairway to the powerful climax that I permit her to enjoy. I placed a condom on his stiff, throbbing cock. “Slave Girl? Show him how you fuck.”

“Yes Mistress.” My slave girl mounted Harry, her pussy swollen with the throes of orgasmic ecstasy. She slid onto his hungry cock with ease as she began to thrust her hips back and forth, bringing Harry closer to the release he had been begging for. I grabbed a riding crop, and gave her a cruel stroke on her latex-clad buttocks every time I wanted her to slow down or speed up. Controlling the scene made me wet, but the biggest surprise was when I was asked for permission to cum…from both of them simultaneously! Granted. How satisfying to see them enacting the scene just as directed by me, with Harry emptying his aching balls into the slave girls cunt as she touched her own nipples, shuddering to her second orgasm in succession.

I dismissed Harry and sent him to the shower. However, the slave girl was here to stay…and I had one more task for her that day…


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