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Double Domme Dungeon Dongs

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

My first visit to a dungeon in months happened very recently, and when I received the call to invite me to the venue, I jumped at it with both feet. The dungeon was one familiar to me, but the client and the other domme he had booked were unbeknown to me, though credentials were good. I called a cab and arrived in the dungeon within an hour of the call.

There I met Jason, a friendly, fit gentleman around the same age as me, and a very beautiful petite Japanese dominatrix, Mistress Y. I immediately felt connected to them, whether it was their warmth or just my sheer gratitude to be there with them, embarking on the first bit of dungeon depravity in a long time. But Jason had a very particular fetish in mind. He enjoyed being pegged by a sexy Mistress in an ultra-long strap-on. I had pegged clients before with up to 12” dildos, but Jason wanted several steps larger than that: his own collection contained dildos of up to 21” in length. The reason? Jason had a penchant for enjoying ass-gasms. He explained how an ass-gasm worked, by stimulating the second sphincter with the dildo, either gently or vigorously, until his muscles started clenching. At that point, the dildo would be whipped out from his ass as quickly as possible as the ‘gasm came forth.

I was happy to watch the more experienced member of the domme duo, Mistress Y, in action first. We helped Jason into the sling, suspended from its frame by chains, and let him get comfy there before the action started. I stood at the head of the sling behind Jason, in my black latex bodysuit and PVC thigh length boots, ready for some nipple play. Mistress Y was wearing a black latex corset with latex pants and peep toe Louboutins. I twisted, sucked, nibbled and chewed on Jason’s nipples while I watched Mistress Y do her thing with the enormous strap on at the other side of the sling, noting her technique as she drove the incredible phallus deep inside him. Jason very quickly fell into subspace and became a very docile creature, while he had ass-gasm after ass-gasm after ass-gasm.

After a break accompanied by Prosecco and strawberries, it was my turn to wield the giant dick. Jason gave me his Carmen Rivera harness, a sturdy vegan leather one that sat very comfortably on my hips, and his 21” Doc Johnson Dick Rambone dildo to slot into the harness. The result? Pure power! Such a heavy weight to throw around, but it felt so good!

I began to slide it in inch by inch into Jason’s very well-lubed up ass. Slowly but surely, I reached the hilt, and began to pump gently. I had studied Mistress Y’s moves, and taken on board the advice Jason has given me. I found the chains suspending the sling extremely useful for clinging onto as I worked my hips back and forth until...I felt the right contraction inside and immediately withdrew the dong. Yes! An ass-gasm. Then another, and another, and another! Jason spent a total of 6 hours of pure bliss, while Mistress Y and myself were feeling the contentment of being back in an environment where we belonged. In fact, the sense of connection between the three of us was quite something.

I finally left that dungeon countless ass-gasms later with a massive grin on my face...and am now the proud owner of a Carmen Rivera harness and Dick Rambone dong. But most of all, I know how to work my hips to give the maximum pleasure possible. Lady Phoenix is ass-gasm ready!


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