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“Don’t worry darling, this will be good for you!”

One of my favourite domination activities is orgasm control, and if that involves using toys, then even better! I have a couple of cock cages, one metal and one silicone, which help keep wayward cocks under lock and key while discipline is learned.

Recently I had a client named Alan approach me wanting to be locked into a chastity device in a very special and quite elaborate roleplay, which I loved to hear about. In this roleplay, I was the

controlling but nurturing wife of Alan, and had recently discovered his love of orgasm control and denial by uncovering his recent internet browsing history.

Giggling as I put the silicone chastity device on his cock, I gently pulled his balls out of the gadget. “Don’t worry darling, this will be good for you!” I promised, somewhat ominously, and gave my husband a very sexy kiss, arousing enough to create some distress already in the cock cage.

For an amount of time spanning around twenty minutes (a lifetime in my husband’s case), I delicately teased Alan’s balls, which protruded invitingly from the cock cage. Clearly uncomfortable, Alan dealt with this discomfort as best as he could.

“How I love to see you desperate like this! You know how much it pleases me,” I perversely encouraged. “You always behave and perform so much better after a period of chastity. Not to mention how cute you look in that device!” I showered my husband with kisses powered by pure sadism.

The real torture began after the cage came off however, when a lengthy edging session began. I spread a large amount of lube onto Alan’s cock and began to masturbate him vigorously, until I observed certain cues that told me to stop (such as his spasming thighs).

“You realise that I’m not going to let you cum Alan! It’s for the best, for both of us. I have toys and other men to help me cum. You only really need an orgasm a couple of times a year, for your birthday and Christmas.” Poor hapless, hopeless Alan could only agree, such was the forcefulness of his dominant wife.

After bringing Alan close several more times, I put a cock cage back on, but this time it was the metal one, which had a key.

“Goodbye Alan. See you in 2021.”


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