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Dating the Bitch from Hell!

Max whimpered pathetically and continued to lick. Although I chided him,
Max whimpered pathetically and continued to lick. Although I chided him,

One of my favourite role plays to do is Cruel Girlfriend, and I recently met a gentleman who had a strong urge to satisfy this streak in himself. Every month or so, Max needed to get being treated badly by a bitch out of his system. I was quite content to be that bitch for Max!

We conducted the roleplay from my central London hotel, and began the scenario in bed. Max was sleeping, and I had just returned from one very sordid night out! I jumped on the bed, ready to tell him all about my filthy adventures.

“Oh hello love! Just back from a fun night out with the girls. Sorry if I woke you up!”

Max woke up abruptly and was a bit shell-shocked by my behaviour, though very pleased to see me.

“Oh darling, I’ve been waiting for you all night to return. I’ve only just given up and nodded off! Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much!”

“Well, I’ve been having a great time in the local nightclub with Sarah and Laura. Getting up to mischief as usual!” I said, beginning to stir things already.

“Darling, I had a late dinner ready for us both, I was planning something romantic for us!”

“Oh please Max, you know I haven’t got time for that soppy stuff. I’d much rather have a hedonistic night out with the girls and flirt with the boys!”

“Please don’t tell me you flirted with other guys, that’s so hurtful and disrespectful to me!”

“Well, sorry-not-sorry Max, but I had a whale of a time tonight with some guys from the local rugby team. I couldn’t believe my luck when they first came in! Built like brick shithouses they were, rippling muscles and bulging crotches. When one of the guys, Steve, the team captain started hitting on me, I couldn’t help but leave the girls and go into the loos to be fucked senselessly! Yes, Max, fucked in a way I haven’t been fucked for a long time. Oh, and he had such a massive cock too, unlike your teeny weeny thing!”

“This is awful! I don’t want to know about this?! How can you be so cruel?!!”

“Actually Max, just reliving this story is making me rather horny again! Let me take off my clothes.” I stripped off my very short little black dress to reveal my new sexy black lingerie, bought especially for the night out (and not for Max). I then proceeded to straddle Max’s face and push his mouth into my pussy. I demanded that he make me cum!

“Steve was such a good fuck, he had me bent over the toilet seat, pummelling me until I came. You are useless at making me cum normally but Steve was an expert. A true alpha male! Nothing like you. Keep licking my clit, I want you to lick me like Steve did so I can imagine him.”

Max whimpered pathetically and continued to lick. Although I chided him, he did manage to make me cum as I was so horny reliving the experience with Steve. I came heavily and ordered Max to lick up every bit of juice there.

“Oh, and Steve came inside me by the way, so you’ve just eaten his cum too.”

The humiliation was complete! I was completely satisfied and ready for bed, leaving poor Max with blue balls and no relief.

I thought I’d better tell him about me, Sarah and Laura getting gang-banged by the entire rugby team another time then ;-)


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