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Damsel in Distress

Kiki looked stylish in her short red satin dress, although a little on the slutty side as her nylon stocking tops were visible just below the hem. Although somewhat unsteady on her four-inch heel red stilettos, she wouldn’t have to worry her pretty little head about that very soon. She flicked her red shoulder-length hair a little self-consciously as she stepped tentatively around the room, observing the different works of art on the wall as she went, oblivious to the blonde villainess behind her who would take her by surprise.

Out of the blue, Kiki felt a firm hand pressing a handkerchief against her nose and mouth and an arm around her torso, just below her generous breasts. She noticed that the hands were beautifully French-manicured, incongruous to the strong grip around her. But it was too late to argue or struggle as she felt herself grow weak in the villainess’s arms, her limbs becoming floppy as she could not resist the power of this evil blonde sadist.

Kiki found herself in a chair, a black-velvet one with arms that her own were rested upon. The villainess was right behind her and spoke in a whispered tone in Kiki’s ear. “I will let you go eventually. All you need to do is succumb to my demands.” Kiki merely nodded in consent, words were certainly not needed as the villainess rolled up a handkerchief ball and placed it in her prey’s mouth, while preparing a second handkerchief placed over her mouth and tied securely at the back of her head. Kiki was now gagged so that even if the power of speech did return to her, she would be rendered mute.

The villainess stayed behind and began to bind Kiki’s body to the chair using lengths of coarse rope. The rope was wrapped around Kiki’s torso with deft and swift movements just below her breasts, which made them protrude even more, her nipples hard with the tension of the moment. More rope was looped and tightened around her arms and legs, the coarseness of the rope feeling abrasive against Kiki’s skin. But resistance was not an option. Kiki was gagged, bound, and completely in the hands of the villainess.

For the first time, Kiki was able to see the villainess as her high heels clicked on the floor from behind, slowly and menacingly, to in front of her. She looked every bit as mean and mysterious as Kiki had pictured in her hazy mind. Standing around 5’10 tall in her black patent Louboutins, the villainess loomed over Kiki in her black satin blouse, red leather skirt and fully fashioned nylon stockings. Much of her face was not visible though, apart from her razor-sharp cheekbones and plump red lips, as she wore large Gucci sunglasses and a Hermés scarf tied over her head and around her neck, but her blonde roots could just be seen at her hairline. A closer look at the villainess’s hands revealed the perfection of her manicure, although this disappeared very soon into a pair of long black leather gloves.

“You will need to perform three tasks before you are released.” The villainess disappeared for a minute before returning with a large strap-on fastened around her waist. “This is the first,” she smiled, “When I said earlier that you would have to succumb to my demands, the emphasis was most definitely on “suck”.” Kiki looked petrified, but would do anything the villainess asked at this stage. The villainess moved into place beside Kiki and grabbed her head, removing the gag and positioning her lips at the tip of the strap-on cock. She slid Kiki’s mouth down the shaft so that slowly but surely, her lips were at the hilt. She began to thrust her head up and down, so that Kiki could feel that cock sliding all the way out of her mouth but immediately back down her throat again. Back and forth, up and down, fast and furious. Kiki was being inadvertently inducted in the art of deep-throating, and it might have been beginners’ luck that had made her so proficient in her first training session. But it was certainly the copious amounts of drool escaping Kiki’s mouth that had helped lubricate her throat, which the villainess poked back into Kiki’s mouth using her gloved fingers. Two more tasks to go!

Those agile leather-clad hands were at it again as the Villainess pulled down Kiki’s dress at the neck, revealing her already hard nipples. The evil blonde woman placed a suction cup in each, making the beleaguered damsel’s nipples swell with every pump. The suction bit on her nipples and made them feel tender until they could be pumped up no more. The villainess teased the cups for a few minutes, making Kiki’s nipples ache. Then at the right time, the cups came off, showing considerable swelling to her now juicy nipples. One more task to go!

The villainess approached Kiki intimately this time, and pulled up her red satin dress and pulled down the red satin panties, exposing her engorged clitoris. “I’m going to make you cum now! Sounds good doesn’t it? Hmmm…except for the fact that you’re not going to stop cumming once you start.” The villainess produced a powerful vibrating wand and switched it on. “Since you look so turned on already, it won’t take long until you’re squirting everywhere…it just might take a while before I stop…” She smiled and Kiki knew this was going to be a challenge. She held the vibrating tip down onto Kiki’s clitty and watched her squirm as the orgasmic tension began to form in her body as waves and waves of pleasure began to build up. In no time whatsoever did she begin to tremor and shake, tipped right over the edge and squirting her juices all over herself like the dirty slut she was! But it went on and on, as the villainess put her gloved hand over Kiki’s mouth to stymie her screams of ecstasy…at least they were ecstatic at first…they had rather morphed into something else now.

After five minutes or so (it could have been a lifetime as far as Kiki was concerned), the villainess stopped abruptly. “I’m done with you slut. I’m going to untie you and put you outside.” With that, she unfastened the lengths of rope around her and demanded she stand up. “Now that I’ve drained you of your cum, you’re going to be caged to ensure there’s no sluttiness while I’m not around.” The chastity device was fitted and locked. The villainess took the key and pushed Kiki out of the door. “Report back here in a month.”

Kiki marched her own defiled face and body out of the villainess room onto the streets outside. She was free…but yet still caged.

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