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Cuck in the Club

Ready for the KitKat Club Berlin - Lady Phoenix,
Ready for the KitKat Club Berlin - Lady Phoenix,

Berlin, May 2022. I was in the legendary KitKatClub during the German Fetish Weekend. By 2am this place of fetish hedonism was wall-to-wall with unbelievably sexy kinksters, fetishists, Dommes, slaves, Daddies, baby-girls, rubber dolls and models from all over the world. Dressed in a tight pin-striped PVC dress with 7-inch stilletto-heeled ankle boots, I was ready to hit the dancefloor with my Bull. The throbbing techno beat pulsed through our bodies as we stomped like we’d found our spiritual home. But I wasn’t just there for dancing. I was there to fuck.

My Bull went off to the bar to get me a bottle of water. Things were sweaty on the dancefloor, being in such close proximity to hundreds of other clubbers, dancing like it was their first international clubbing event in 3 years…which of course for many of us it was. Across the dancefloor our eyes met, a young bearded and tattooed buff guy wearing a harness, PVC pants and boots. I wondered if he was here to dance or fuck? Catching my gaze, he came over, a little shy, but I could see from his pants that he was hard.

“I don’t blame you for crossing the dancefloor to me,” I said teasingly, then turning around to reveal my tattooed ass…and that I was wearing no knickers. “What’s your name?”

“Lucien,” he responded.

“Lady Phoenix. A pleasure to meet you. Would you like to go downstairs to the playrooms for some fun?”

Lucien nodded enthusiastically…and just at that moment, my Bull arrived with the water. The plan would go ahead just as I’d envisioned.

Lucien was not short, but my Bull, dressed in a black latex suit, was at least 4 inches taller…he towered over him as I introduced them. I think it was at that point that Lucien realised he wasn’t going to fuck. He was going to be the cuck.

I led the two men down the staircase and through the labyrinthine nooks and crannies in the subterranean part of the club. On finding a quiet corner, we settled into place. Lucien stood back a couple of feet away while I hitched my dress up. “DO NOT MASTURBATE,” I ordered the cuck. My Bull and I kissed passionately as he began to slide his hard 9-inch cock inside me. I hadn’t seen the cuck’s cock, but I imagined it was a good 3 inches shorter. It was pure pleasure taking such a big cock hard in my juicy pussy, having sex standing up and against the wall in this underground chasm. The cuck was practically salivating as I started to moan and groan, the bass of the music beat pounding as my Bull pounded me. It seemed that the more we fucked, the more other couples were magnetised to that area, a fucking frenzy erupting all around us. But still, the cuck only had eyes for me as my Bull began to fuck me from behind, so I got to feel that enormous cock rubbing against my G-spot and sending me to the heights of ecstasy. With a few final strokes, we both came simultaneously, my Bull cumming inside my juicy hole while my orgasm spasms clenched around his big cock.

“Don’t think you’re next,” I taunted, “We’re hitting the dancefloor again. And so we did, smelling of sex and a bit sweatier than before too. The cuck a bit more dejected and humiliated than before, still hard, and leaking into his PVC pants having been well and truly cuckolded in the club.

More from my Berlin weekend - Lady Phoenix
More from my Berlin weekend - Lady Phoenix


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