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Bow down to Stepmom

“Stop right now. Stepmom has other special places that she wants you to lavish your attention on.” With that, I pulled on my satin bra, teasing David with a glimpse of my nipples.

My hypnotherapy patient had arrived, and what a keen young specimen he was. He said he was here to cure his unrequited lust for his stepmom as it was distracting him from the major issues in his life. But I could see this wasn’t about to get fixed. Rather something to play with, like the young man, David, himself. A mere toy in the hands of the hypnotherapist he had put his entire trust in.

After some initial chat, it became apparent that I was of a similar age and of similar looks to his stepmom. I could see where this was going to go, even if he couldn’t. I couldn’t wait to put him under my spell and take advantage of him. So naive and so susceptible was he…he wouldn’t be able to resist for a second…

He relaxed pretty quickly in the armchair, after casting his eyes over my generous breasts, small waist and lovely long legs, indeed the act of taking in my figure almost put him under before I had even counted him down and snapped him into a trance. He was mine to play with now. There was to be no cure for distractions…in fact I was to be the distraction! I whispered the triggers into his ears as I gently touched him on the shoulders.

“Whenever I say the word ‘stepmom’ you will want to worship me…intimately. You will want to use your tongue on me…my clit, my pussy and my ass. You will want to please me as much as I want. You will be my sex toy. Repeat! ‘I am a slave to my stepmom.’

‘I want to please my stepmom sexually.’

‘I want to bring my stepmom the ultimate satisfaction.’

‘I want to be the best stepson I can be.’

‘I want to be a sex slave to my stepmom.’

As he repeated the words after me, I asked him to strip naked…and then I brought him out of the trance, counting down and waking him up.

On the count of one he opened his eyes, momentarily looking down at his own naked body and looking confused, but I quickly clicked my fingers and uttered the word ‘stepmom’, and his expression instantly changed to unbridled lust, matching his large erection, getting harder by the second.

“I’m your stepmom,” I told him, looking deeply into his eyes and stroking his bare, muscular shoulders, “I need you to worship me…and satisfy me.” I began to unbutton my pale blue satin shirt to reveal a blush coloured bra beneath it. He was completely under my spell as my blouse, then my black leather pencil skirt fell to the floor, revealing the gorgeous set of black satin lingerie I had put on this morning (already having envisioned how this encounter would go). But what I wanted him to worship first were my legs, clad in black seamed fully-fashioned nylon stockings. David got down on his knees in front of me and began to kiss my bestockinged feet, savouring the feeling of the nylon on my firm legs while he showered them with his kisses.

“Not too enthusiastic!” I complained as he seemed to get so lost in the moment he was beginning to take on feral qualities. “Stop right now. Stepmom has other special places that she wants you to lavish your attention on.” With that, I pulled on my satin bra, teasing David with a glimpse of my nipples.

“I know how much you crave my breasts. Yearn to touch them. Are eager to lick and suck my nipples. Stepmom will let you do that now.” David was rock hard and leaking precum onto the floor. As soon as I ordered him to worship that area, he was gone again. Into a silent world where my two large soft mounds were his Gods…or even twin Goddesses. He hungrily explored my breasts with his tongue and lips, as I gently guided his face down my toned stomach to another very special place.

“Now David,” I instructed, “Make Stepmom happy and lick me right there, between my thighs, where my clit is throbbing with lust and wants to be pleased.” He immediately ran his tongue over that sacred area, paying great attention to his job as I grew wetter and wetter from the stimulation. I held his head and stroked his hair as he worshipped that cherished place and soon had me sighing uncontrollably in the throes of orgasm. I thanked him for my hot climax by presenting him with my delicious ass, which he pleasured beautifully, before I rolled back over.

“Now fuck me, stepson.” I put a condom on him so he could slide his sizeable cock into my still-hungry pussy and pound me in as I lay beneath him with a leg over each shoulder so he could go nice and deep inside me. The lustful frenzy continued with me on top, squatting on his cock as I bounced up and down, relentlessly, increasing my pace, crescendoing the energy and making David’s cum rise. David asked permission from me to cum. Granted. Explosion!

I ordered him to put on his clothes again and sit down in my therapy chair to bring him out of the hypnotic trance and check his well-being. I clicked my fingers, “I’m your therapist David. Any intrusive thoughts about your Stepmom?”

“No! And I feel great!”

I thought silently to myself that of course he felt great, he’d just emptied his balls of days of cum, and had just had the fuck of a lifetime. He’d be back again as soon as that cum started to rise again.

I had noted that my “stepson” clearly had not encountered a woman who fucked like I did…but I bet his Stepmom did!


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